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    Brock Jolliffe: special effects guy has a large collection of FK memorabilia from his personal collection. INCLUDING ONE OF THE CADDIES USED ON THE SERIES!
    Here is the link to the site: Motion Picture Industry Charitable Alliance

    From the site:
    On behalf of the Motion Picture Industry Charitable Alliance®, we are happy to announce a rare oppportunity for the fans of the television shows Forever Knight, La Femme Nikita and Kung Fu: The Legend Continues.

    Brock Jolliffe, one of our long-standing charity auction contributors and actioneers will be selling props and crew items from his personal collection in the upcoming weeks. He has a rare authentic collection and it will be a great opportunity to obtain a special piece of memorabilia, as the supply of available items is almost completely tapped out.

    We fully support Mr. Jolliffe’s efforts, and wish all of you the best of luck in bidding on the item of your dreams.


    Motion Picture Industry Charitable Alliance®

    My name is Brock Jolliffe and I worked the series Forever Knight as the Special Effects Supervisor for season two and three. As I was in charge of creating the physical effects for the show, I was asked to provide various special items as the episodes required.

    When the series ended, I was asked if I would be interested in purchasing any props or dressing that was unwanted by production and was left over from production sales or rental returns. An arrangement was made and I purchased the balance of the ‘props lockup’ and ‘sets lockup’. I had also expressed an interest in Nick’s car. It was put up for sale along with the other ‘hero’ caddy, which had been purchased for the third season as a ‘backup’ in case the primary car went down for whatever reason. The alternate car was sold to an American buyer, as was Vachon’s bike, but the original car was not. Subsequently Nick Gray and I came to an agreement and I purchased both the ‘hero’ Caddy and the ‘stunt’ Caddy in April of 1996.

    Attached is a list of some of the items that I have kept as my personal collection of FK memorabilia for the past ten years. For a number of years, in the fall, I attended the LCA charity auction when it was in Toronto and would bring along some pieces of my collection and donate items for the cause. Those who attended will remember some of the unusual items I personally auctioned off, including my personally notated episode scripts. It was a pleasure to attend the events and get together with old friends Jon, Nick Gray, Nigel and everyone else. Quite frankly I miss those days.

    When I started to organize the list, I was amazed at the number of items that I still possessed. I have decided that they will be better off with the fans of the show, so I will be selling my collection.

    Some pieces are background or set dressing pieces and some items are of a much more pivotal nature. A number of items where actually used by the actors and I personally worked with them to make the sequences come to life. Also included in the list are some items of a more personal nature, such as crew gifts and my jackets. This list is likely to be not full and complete, as it has been some years since the show, and the third season has not been released for me to review. I am sure that I will continue to uncover more great items. In the future I will look at the third season episodes and will likely find more goodies that I have forgotten belonged to the series. I will keep you posted and will add items as I find or remember them.

    The jewel in the crown is ‘Nick’s’ Caddy. I would very much like it to go to a good home, so if you are
    interested in the car please contact me, with your references, at [email protected] I am posting the car for $24,500.00 USD. If there are several interested parties, I will consider the highest offer.

    I have also decided to release items from some of the other shows that I have had the pleasure to work on, including La Femme Nikita, Kung Fu: The Legend Continues and others. These items have not yet been processed, so although they will become available in the future, I am not ready to put them up for auction or discuss these items. Please refrain from asking about them at this time, thanks.

    I am planning to post the first items on eBay on Sunday March 12. I would like as many fans as possible to
    be aware of the impending melee. I will post several items in a ‘batch’ with the auctions ending on weekends. I will post them as I see fit and items will be sold individually unless otherwise indicated. Please do not ask when items will become available. Items will only be available on eBay at this time – no off-eBay transactions. I have not decided on the sequence of items to be auctioned and I will probably not make that decision until I actually post them. Please keep in mind that even though I am posting photos of my collection for the fans to view, I reserve the right to sell or not to sell any items on the viewing pages.

    It must also be noted that for media related items I will require purchaser’s to enter into
    ‘Purchase Agreement’. It will state that:

    “By this purchase, I hereby agree that I will not copy, display, alter, adapt, sell or distribute any of these items or contents of these items in any format, whether printed, digital or electronic, at any time. I understand these items are copyrighted material and any use in any medium, including the internet, of this material is a violation of US and international copyright law. I understand that any violation of this agreement will result in immediate report to the appropriate legal agencies representing the copyright holders and may result in criminal prosecution and/or civil penalty.”

    This is to protect everyone’s interests. I will also provide with each item, a COA (Certificate of Authenticity) personally created by me, specifically for the purpose of identifying your item as a bona fide FK piece of memorabilia. These items have all been in my possession since their creation, or purchase directly from the production in 1996.

    To preview pictures of items that I have, I have set up a page on Photobucket, a website for viewing pictures. Please feel free to go to and enter the password
    [ ] then find the sub album you wish to review and enjoy! I will be adding pictures as I find new items, so the list is unlikely to be complete for some time. Please return to the site from time to time to view new additions to the various albums.

    I hope you guys have fun with this and it would be nice if everyone gets a chance to acquire a piece of FK history to enjoy for years.

    Items from Forever Knight that are likely to be available – not necessarily complete

    1. 201 Killer Instinct cleaver knife that Lacroix fights Nick with
    2. 201 Killer Instinct skull in flashback. skulls were used in other episodes as well
    3. 201 Killer Instinct dollar bills opening seq. Bills used in other eps as well
    4. 207 Hunted Holly water bottle. Cast in resin to smash beside Nick
    5. 207 Hunted prop bomb under Schanke’s chair. Flashing LEDs
    7. 208 Faithful Followers kero lantern rigged to 110v. also ep211 etc.
    8. 208 Faithful Followers pole torch –spfx rigged for propane. Flashback
    9. 209 Undue Process hand torch – held by lynch mob of Nick
    10. 209 Undue Process rope noose put around Nick’s neck
    11. 209 Undue Process Night Watchman’s clock. Used during rounds at Corner’s
    12. 209 Undue Process rubber cast knife. Nick caught this when thrown at him
    13. 211 Can’t Run Can’t Hide airplane propeller tip made of balsa to chop during fight
    14. 213 Crazy Love period torch and post holder assembly (hero). Flashback
    15. 218 The Fix blood bag with blood and tubing
    16. 218 The Fix burnt blood bags – boiling blood
    17. 218 The Fix Natalie injects Nick- bottle and syringe
    18. 218 The Fix syringe that Nick withdraws fix
    19. 219 Curiouser Curiouser balsa wood stabers x 3 (prototypes for stabbing nick?)
    20. 219 Curiouser Curiouser Raven club par lamp. Shot fx rigged/hanging/as damaged
    21. 219 Curiouser Curiouser wood stake that Lacroix kills Nick with & half stake rig for stunt
    22. 220 Beyond the Law convention badges. Press and Security
    23. 221 Queen of Harps auction paddles as used by Nick and others to purchase harp
    24. 221 Queen of Harps continuity Polaroid of Nick in period dress
    25. 224 The Code ‘Crummies’ Champagne. Also used in other eps incl. 226 +?
    26. 224 The Code medicine bottles in Gwen Madison’s home. Dr.’s r crew names
    27. 224 The Code ‘Provatrex’. Prop drugs as used throughout episode. Sealed
    28. 308 Trophy Girl syringe stuck in hand. FX wire rig
    29. 310 Night in Question photocopy picture 11×14 field explosions taken by production
    30. 311 Sons of Belial photocopy picture car fire off expressway taken by production
    31. 314 Dead of Night fence post tip rig. Body plate for impaling shot
    32. 315 Games Vamps Play fingernail extension /retract rig. spfx cable rig assembly
    33. 315 Games Vamps Play arm mounted mini crossbow and bolts. Actor safe/non lethal
    34. 320 Ashes to Ashes wood stakes / foam soft
    35. 320 Ashes to Ashes wood stakes/ pine
    36. 320 Ashes to Ashes wood stakes / balsa
    37. 320 Ashes to Ashes wood stake / entry and exit fx half plate rigs for actor
    38. 321 human cage steel with door
    39. eps various corner’s zippered body bag black
    40. eps various hand torch wood handle
    41. eps various magnetic police logo graphic for side of vehicles 14”
    42. eps various police badge metal /pin clip on # 824
    43. eps various police light Kojak style
    44. eps various police shoulder flash
    45. ep unidentified period hatchet with body plate rig
    46. ep unidentified period axe metal prop
    47. ep unidentified raven head knife
    48. ep unidentified raven head knife half plate fx rig for stabbed body mounting
    49. ep unidentified cigarette packs with labels altered for clearance
    50. ep unidentified period torch with fuel cup. Castle style
    51. ep unidentified period hard head hatchet
    52. ep unidentified period hatchet soft head 1
    53. ep unidentified period hatchet soft head 2
    54. ep unidentified police light Kojak. Fx rigged for bullet fx (now inert)
    55. ep unidentified old newspaper Colonial Advocate
    56. ep unidentified period cash USD
    57. ep unidentified glass bottle bomb prop (inert)
    58. ep unidentified scepter? Wood – pine
    59. ep unidentified resin cast (breakaway) wine bottle ‘Lalonde’ (FK producer)
    60. ep unidentified large rubber hand crafted bat –eyes light up LED red
    Cadillac related items
    62. Nick’s licence plate – plastic
    63. Nick’s police radio always in the car -as used by Nick
    64. Nick’s police dash red flashing light –as used by Nick
    65. a ‘call sheet’ as found in trunk of caddy (been there for 10 years!)
    FK Personal / Apparel items
    66. Crew photo season three (with caddy in BG)
    67. Cast photo season three
    68. Crew gift final season Sony Watchman
    69. FK production vehicle card from spfx department equipment truck
    70. ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’ t shirt given at wrap of show –unused XL
    71. FK long black robe – unused one size
    72. Crew sweat shirt – unused one size
    73. Red toddler t shirt. As given out at the season 2 Christmas party
    74. insulated Crew vest – excellent condition
    75. Coveted Crew jacket -SPFX Supervisor used – X
    Forever Knight Tapes. Dailies, Casting tapes, Wrap Reel (season 3) .
    Tapes are production supplied VHS – ORIGINAL copies as distributed while
    shooting the series.
    76. VHS tape 2nd unit Dailies # 201 April 18 / 94 – Dome post. original FK tape
    ext. pass bys, road shots, traffic, van shots traveling
    ext. police station – various
    ext. caddy drives at and around police station
    77. VHS tape 2nd unit Dailies 205 May 17 / 94 – Dome post. original FK tape
    traveling shots of caddy interior and exterior of car
    close ups of police radio in car
    other close ups # 205
    78. VHS tape ‘Black Budda’ day 3 daily 301 / 302. Directed by Geraint.
    Dome post. original
    17 + 27 minutes
    Police station interior set. most all police cast
    July 95
    79. VHS tape Forever Knight Casting tape original May 22 – for season 3
    Tracy and Vachon finals
    9 finalist picks, including Lisa Ryder and Ben Bass
    some of the others appeared in other eps
    80. VHS tape Forever Knight Toronto Casting tape original May 26 95
    casting tape with ….
    Stephanie Morgenstern
    Krista Bridges
    Sharon Bernbaum
    Tracy Hway
    Kate Greenhouse
    Nicole Deboer
    81. VHS tape Forever Knight Cycle Three Wrap Reel
    made for and as viewed at the wrap party
    Feb 96
    DAVE Post

    If you have questions, I will make an effort to answer them. Contact me through email at
    [email protected]. It may take me some time to respond, so please be patient.

    All the best.


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