Fry wants YOU…

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    …to vote for your favorite season of Futurama. Vote and expound upon your reasoning with a post. Let it all hang out.


    Fry wants you…. ???

    I don’t want anyone, well perhaps theSpouse and Rover the Cat, but… but…

    Now, if you had said, “Fry wants you to do….” that I could work with.

    Last week someone at work offered to help me any way they could, so I told them I had windows that needed cleaned and a kitchen floor that needed scrubbed. Sigh…. that isn’t want he meant. Life is so unfair some time.

    P.s. it is F R E Y 😆 😆


    Easily, the fourth season. It had terrific episodes like Farnsworth Parabox, A Taste of Freedom, The Why of Fry, 300 Big Boys and Spanish Fry.

    Then there where the not-so-funny but excellent tear jerkers of Jurassic Bark, The Sting, and The Devil’s Hand are Idle Playthings.

    Earlier seasons, didn’t have such a high concentration of good episodes.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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