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    This was submitted as a news article, I think it’s more appropriate here:

    Good news everyone.
    If you love futurama and you’ve never heard of the Hitchhiker’s guide you should pick up a copy. But if you don’t read the movie comes out soon! Let’s face it both kick **bleep**!
    Is it just me or are there strange comparisions between the two of these brilliant Scf-fi situation comedy dramas. I’ll start off.
    Fry Vs Arthur Dent- Both are from our time and out of place in this weird new space world.
    -Both have kind of a discontent for life.
    -Neither are very important in everyday life though both has saved the Universe on several occasions and in fact Fry is told that he is the most important person in the Universe.

    Zack Branigan Vs. Zaphod Beeblebrox- Both are contemptous **bleep** that are over confident and cocky still you love them any way.
    -Both are star ship captains though Zaphod for only a short time because he steals his ship and takes off with it. Though Zack loses his license for a while too.
    -Difference Zaphod has two heads
    -Zach wears those stupid pants shirt that looks like a mini skirt.

    Bender Vs. Marvin- Both are robots that demonstrate strange human qualities (Bender is an alcoholic klepto while Marvin is a depressed complainer though you’d complain too if you’d had to live seven times the length of the entire Universe from start to finish).
    Both meet God or at least see God’s message (Bender has a conversation with God where God tells him “When you’re God you have to use a light touch. If you do things right no one will know you’ve done anything at all,” while Marvin sees God final message to it’s creations, “We apologize for the inconvenience.”

    Leela Vs. Trillian -Both are the female possible love interest though neither seems to pan out for either Fry or Arthur (though Trillian does have a child with Arthur in a parallel universe and in another episode Fry and Leela are seriously dating in a parallel universe.)
    -Leela is an orphan whose parents are mutants that live in the sewer though not much is known about Trillian on earth, except she was a reporter who met Zaphod at a party.
    -Difference Leela has one eye.

    Oh and then there Ford Prefect- who is he (the writer for the guide with a death wish attitude always flying by the seat of his pants).

    Zoideburg- Alien lobster whose is out of place on earth but sometimes hilarous.

    Amy might be like Fenster because both are more minor roles and both have love affair with main character, though Amy is defintely in Futurama more while Fenster is only in one book and then she disappears in hyper space. She is never heard from again.

    So they’re not the same yet one can not help but wonder if Hitchhiker’s guide had some influence on Futurama. Check out the movie The HitchHiker’s Guide to the Galaxy in theatres soon!

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