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    arrrg! friday night was a sad night for me, with both the ending of farscape(season) and lexx(final ep.). And though it wasn’t as bad as some endings that farscape ending was intense. I was in fits for a while; aerin pregnant, moya gone(somewhere) scorpy missing (gasp) crais and taylon gone, chriton stuck in the middle of nowhere with the knowledge that his love was pregnant, and who knows whats brewing on the larger scale. Commadont Clevage, the sccarans, the luxons? Good god, atleast we don’t have to wait 6 months to see what happens (only 1). This is totally my opinion, but i think zaan may have had something to do with that wormwhole(either her or scorp, or maybe the anchients) o damn nevermind, i’m just really flustered . What are other ppls thoughts?

    p.s new to these boards Hello all!


    Hi there DivineAssassin89 and welcome!

    Yeah certainly was a ‘cliffhanger’ wasent it?

    I kind of think that this is going to be a time-circle. That possibly Crighton has already screwed up by making different choices in that episode. So this was actually the 2nd time around and that “witch” is manipulating things so that they will happen differently.

    Just my thoughts, we’ll know soon nuff


    Here’s a thought:
    Aeryn is pregnant. But Moya John and Aeryn hasn’t had sex since Tayln retruned. So the father is Tayln John,or the dead one. I’m sure that this will come up at some point. Especially since most of the character growth this season has been centered on their damn relationship.


    Here is one to bake your noodle-

    What if Chrichtons disapearence was not an accident, what if the ancients caused it because they saw the future with chrichton in it and created the wormhole as a pre-destination paradox?

    or am I just crazy, either way the ancients could have caused Moya to disapear as whats the cance of it happening randomly?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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