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     Yep, just as we are reeling from the shock that DC and Marvel sued some poor parochial comic book firm for the use of the apparctly copyrighted word, ‘Superhero’, (and incidentally all word of a similar meaning so I guess superasshole, supermunchkin and superbabe would also be copyrighted)….. where was I …. oh yeah, but now them bastards have copyrighted or secured or …. stopped anyone from using the words, "Space Marine".

    Apparently Games Workshop, the makers of Warhammer 40k don’t like some poor dude using the words Space Marine in the title of his Amazon only book, "Spots the Space Marine".

    Is there no end to this lunacy?!  (oops, nobody has copyrighted the work ‘end’ have they?)


    See the blastr story here.


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