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    The other days I was in the video store and on a lark (I had never read the books or heard anything about the movie) I decided to rent Harry Potter.

    Great special effects but for me the story sort of fell apart. I guess had I been 10 years old I might have enjoyed it. There is nothing here for adults.



    I never saw the movie. I think you should check out the books. Movies can’t always represent the more adult issues the characters are struggling with.


    The books and the movies are kid stuff. Good kid stuff. The series will be known as classics in the future. They’re maybe not as well-written as the Chronicles of Narnia (I never read those books, I don’t know) but beloved for a long time nonetheless.


    The books were better than the Movie. As is the usual case.

    The books, IMHO are going to be a children’s classic, and while I will not debate the writing merits between Potter and Nardia, I liked the Potter series story line much better.


    While I was watching I was trying to compare it to other children movies that I really enjoyed: Mary Poppins and Willie Wonka.

    Maybe it’s a little unfair to compare these musicals to this adventure story but that’s all I could think of at the time. I guess the magic theme was what I was thinking about.

    Also, maybe I’m going a little bit deeper then is intended here, but I was also thinking of Stephen King’s doorways and passages to “other worlds”. Isn’t this what Rowlings intended: Hogwarts is in an alternative world?

    HA! I must be bored tonight to pick apart a kids movie!


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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