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    Long time no hear 😀 I’m not sure if yer still around but I spoke the Mike last night about starting up the SadCAST audio and video podcasts again and he’s defo up for it! We still have ots of collateral, contacts, equipment, know-how and nerve 🙂 form the last series and we’re hoping to capitalize on that and hopefully fill the void for sci fi fans struggling to find decent news on the genre and recommendations on what to watch, buy and listen to.

    Some of you are thinking eh? but I’ve invited you because it might be something you would be interested in doing with us. While is being mended (it’s very poorly at the moment but lots is going on in the background, honest!).

    Anyway, I wanted to send out a sort of feeler email to the peeps I have mucho sci fi respect for to see if you’d be up for taking part in an audio (to start with) podcast for sci fi fans that will be distributed via itunes (and youtube soon after). It’s going to be very casual and handles like a sort of audio conference where we talk about latest sci fi news and opinions, recommendations etc. We’ll have show notes and info that will be distributed before recordings and a recording will probably be 2 hours edited down to 20-30 minutes.

    We hope to begin the audio podcasts again on Friday so your prompt response would be very cool. Email me back if you are interested (and even if yer not, it would still be cool to hear from you 🙂

    You can get me on sadgeezer at gmail dot com.

    Hope yer all well and happy,


    This was em,ailed out to all the old protagonists today, unfortunately, some of the email adresses bounced. I need to contact Holly, Ryan, Aqua, Logan, Rory and Martin as soon as possible to make sure they know what is happening, but I’ve also emailed old pals to make sure they aren’t left out.

    I’m gradually getting away from WoW (slow process) and Newkate is working on the technical problems with this site (see dev test areas here: /dru6/ and here 🙂

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