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    Okay, needs some minor detailing and final discussion with ED, but here is the poster “Giggerota the Wicked Arrives on Fire”. Both Giggy and Queen appear in the fireball behind her as she’s about to be reincarnated. It’s an “Amazon” style concept piece.



    Great! I like the concept, and the background Giggys. I like how the lower-left face is rather gleeful (is dinner served?), and a little impish (‘though not quite REALLY evilly scheming).

    BTW, wouldn’t Giggerota make for a fascinating case-study in an Anthropophagy 101 course? I’m sure that Dr. Hannibal Lector would approve of such a cannibal lecture.


    Very good work. I guess I should make the notation the Giggerota showed her nipples though her outfit in the series (have pics. of this). So maybe a suggestion of them would be nice – if still in production. In any case – I like it.



    Since the most excellent Ellen Dubin approves the artwork, your suggestion is rather inappropriate. And while this is an adult board, and LEXX is an adult program, I would suggest a little more discretion… The LEXX cast anyway have been known to visit this site.

    BTW, Ellen Dubin is my personal fave of the cast because she is exceptionally friendly, has sent me unsolicited emails, and sent me an autographed pic. She’s quite a lady.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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