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    Horse and I were talking the other nite about my favorite female scifi women and he posed the Ginger/Maryann question…if you dont know the question it goes.. who do you think is better G/Ma? Only his ? to me was who do I think would win in a hand to hand fight between Aryon or Maj. Kira (DS9) (he frist said Aryon/7of9 just to **** me off, knowing how I feal about 7/9) I couldnt come up with an anwser, I think both women are strong fighters and could kick majorass out of anyone that got in their way. This will take some time to work out.
    In the mean time what do you think of these two and who else would you like to see go hand to hand. Time to put on the thinking capps.


    Mmmmm, good fight.
    I’d have to give it to Aeryn though. Maj. Kira was a resistance fighter, and as such, not really professionally trained. She’s a fighter, but not a pro.
    Aeryn, on the other hand, was trained from childhood, military style. She’s got the upper hand.

    Worf vs. D’Argo?
    Batleth Vs. Qualta Blade?

    Gotta give it to Worf. Ever see that episode where the … guys with the blue bony faces and the Ketracil White drug. Dammit who were they. AGH!! Anyway, they captured Worf and Dr. Bashir, and made Worf fight them in competion. Worf beat something like 23 of them in a row. WOW!!
    D’Argo is too impulsive and hot headed. Heh.


    i have to agree worf and areyn sun definately!
    now how about data (tng) and andromeda’s avatar?
    or sisko (ds9) and sheridan (b5)?
    marcus (b5) and john chriton (farscape)?
    girabaldi(b5) and will riker (tng)?
    how about data(tng) and kai(lexx)?
    xev(lexx) and the borg queen (voyager)?
    janeway(voyager) and picard(tng)?hehe!
    dylan and tyr from andromeda?
    harper(andromeda) and wesley (tng)?
    trance(andromeda) and 7 of 9(voyager)? sorry monkey hehe
    and it is late so i will make this my last one. how would buffy the vampire slayer do against the borg queen, xev, trance, data, kai, rommies avatar and 7 of 9?
    btw i think that the name of the bony faced guys is jem hadar. and they worked for the founders, the shapeshifters like odo. ack i completely forgot about odo. who would you like to see odo go up against? personally i think that he would give kai a run for his money!


    JEM HADAR!!! YES!! Thanks!

    Ok, ok, how about.

    Maldus Vs. Q

    Prob’ly Q on this one. Maldus seems to have limitations, and Q really doesn’t.


    I still havent made up my mind on A/Ma.K. Yes Aeryn was brought up as a fighter but she was always following orders and didnt think beyond her training (till John changed that) while Kira had a cause (her home planet) and when you have a cause you will do anything to win. Kira is also emotional when she belives those she cares for are in trouble and that can work against her.Aeryn finaly let her emotions out then lost John1 so she shut them down again.
    I still have thinking to do.
    As to all the other matches I will take the time to comment on one now and more later. We (Horse/me) think that Worf is a big whinney poofta and he only won that big fight cause it was writen that way. Hes like the kidd that if you dont play his way he will kick over the gameboard then take his toys and leave


    i can’t think of anyone besides another Q that could beat Q. can anyone else?


    Well, the humans keep “beating” the Q. LOL.

    How about Skarans Vs Borg?


    I’m obviously a few monthes behind on this topic, but did yall miss the point of the Ginger vs Mary Ann concept? It’s who you would rather get with, not who would win a catfight. It all goes back to the classic “who should Archie choose, Betty or Veronica?”

    I’m a chick and I love men, but I would definitely go for Aeryn. She’s hot, especially with her hair down, strong and independent. Wait the last two are the reasons I can’t seem to keep a boyfriend. Hmmmm…..

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