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    Got a copy of the film for V-Day, yeay!

    I really enjoyed the series but the film was only o.k., but I’m glad to have it.

    I didn’t understand why they changed how Simon got River outta captivity, in the series he said he paid some people to sneak her out (I thought in the cryo box) as when she was woke up in the box she ws surprised to see her bro etc….but then she is mentally unstable.

    I also don’t know why they re-used the character from the end of season two..the black guy was in a great ep, but why repeat it on the big screen (also the actor they picked wasn’t as creepy). The rest of the movie was enjoyable though, I liked the whole dead planet thing and the reavers.

    I didn’t like the shepard biting it when we never got to learn anymore about his past though.

    oh well…it’ll have to do, better a so-so movie than an ended series with no resolution.


    I’d like to get my own DVD, too. I still have a friend’s copy (sucker…) and it’s been about two or three months now.

    Anyway, I thought the movie was really good, but I did not pick up on any changes from the original story line (it’s been a while since I’ve seen it.)

    I liked the dead planet thing, as well. It was cool seeing the crew venture into Reaver space in order to get to that mystery planet, which turns out to be a really beautiful Earth-type planet. And then the poor lady scientist telling the story of how most of the people died…they just slowly stopped functioning- moving and breathing, if I recall- that was real interesting.

    And then the Reavers…they were real creepy and I finally got the sense from these guys that yes, they are very, very bad, scary and need to be avoided at all costs. I did not get that feeling from the series, but I guess it’s harder to convey that on TV.

    Yeah, I was disappointed that Shepard only got around 15min air time, and part of that was his ‘dead scene.’ Also, I really did not expect Wash to die…once he got impaled, I thought he was going to work his way off that spear (or whatever it was) a la Ming the Merciless, then “shake off” his wound and be back in the action. Alas, it was not to be. Bittersweet ending are ok, I guess, because the good guys don’t always make it back home.


    Yep, just watched it again this afternoon. I must admit it seems to get better each time I see it (a good sign I guess).


    Well, now that the dust has settled, it does appear that serenity was the first and last movie to be based on the shortened firefly tv series.

    As a lover of all things scifi, my first reaction to this is disappointment. However, we must give credit to Joss for performing a minor miracle in persuading a major movie house to finance the serenity film project. What with the dvd sales, it does now look like they will turn a modest profit.

    At least, the firefly/serenity story got a decent send off.

    fluffy bunny

    I’m not quit sure why but Serenity didn’t really do it for me. I guess I’d prefer to be watching firefly, and allowing the story to take its time (over say a series or so) rather than the cramming of everything that you can into an hour and a half.

    Too short – apparently the 1st draft of the script was 190 mins long – I want that version dagnabbit

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