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    ok peeps- what did you make of this episode?(well, those of you that have seen it already….) personally, i think there was only one message (so to speak) that came out from this show. i may well have missed something- and i usually do- but hey, i never said i was perfect!!! i was wondering what you thought, before i made myself look silly and post what i think!! 😀


    I Guess I’ll have to wait till next week to see it. (Ya see hasn’t aired yet)


    I think this ep was supposed to be speculative. You don’t know if the little girl is Sam as a kid, or if it’s the cloud thing. I actually think it’s a mix of Sam’s subconsious mind, the child she thinks she might have had, or might still have and the memories of herself as a child.
    As much as she is the scientist, she’s also very much a woman. and can still feel like she’s giving something up by the life she’s living.

    I’ve spoken to a number of people who believe that the conversation between sam and jack meant that she was giving up on him. i dont think thats true ( or is that just wishful thinking?)
    She loves him too much. I think this Pete thing just means that she’s exploring what she thinks she’s unable to have with Jack. It certainly can’t be anything too serious, she was completely unaware that he was stalking her for crying out loud! although that could also be an argument for her feeling more than just casual feelings for him (love is blind etc.)

    Grace is really confusing. My mind wanders around in circles everytime i watch it. but its one of my fav eps.


    there still may be some areas that i haven’t quite figured out, but i think the main thrust of the episode was that Sam is a lonely woman. you can surround yourself with friends and acquaintences, but nothing can warm your soul and create that completeness than having that special someone in your life. so far, every time Sam has tried to bond with someone she’s ended up losing them. She more than likely feels very insecure about getting deeply involved with a new partner, just in case it goes wrong again- for any reason. i’m not so sure that she actually loves Jack in the true love sense, but i think during this episode she came to realise that through everything they’ve all been through, Jack was at the front of the queue to help her through. he is her rock- always there, always reliable. if she isn’t to spend the rest of her life being alone or being afraid of being alone, she could do no worse than get closer to Jack as he’s never likely to let her down.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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