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    Well another Halloween has come and gone.

    I saw numerous cute costumes, a few demanding kids, and all inbetween. The surgon/freddy Kruger costume was down right distrubing. 😆 And even theBrother noticed that our numberous tiny fairies and princessess had odd notes. We saw them with crowns AND deely-boppers, swords, witch shoes and strange face paint. 😀

    I was of course thrilled to see Kim Possible show up at my door. I am a big fan of hers. And I also got a lot of ‘no costumes’ showing up, and not all older kids. Since they did not do anything to make my evening special, I decided to have fun with them. I would either ask them what they were dressed as…….. ummmmm mumble muble…. toe skuffing…. Or I would guess really outragous things. Like… oh, let me Guess, you are Donald Rumfell, or What a cute puppy costume…. it’s not? … are you sure? 😀

    I even had one pledge to do better next year. 😀

    Anyhooo, good crowd this year, about 80 kids. I ran out of Soda’s, but I had theSpouse’s minor change jar (no quaters) as a back up. Gleeful shouts of ‘Soda’ became even more joyful shouts of ‘money!’ except in a few cases when it was ‘dinero!’ This is Texas you know. 😀

    So, how was your Halloween.


    i make the kids with no costume sing for their candy, bwahahaha
    and I’m truly evil with the too old to be out there ones…i give them a 2L of cheap cola…they think GREAT!!!!! until you see them lugging their sack of candy sideways down the road…limping haha!



    We haven’t been having very many kids the last few years, but about 15 last night isn’t too shabby for us. Oh well, I guess we save money on candy and such. But what we had were mostly polite, complimentary and cute. Our new niece crapped out before she got here but not before managing to spew baby barf all over her costume before anyone even got a picture. The older brother/nephew is two, nuff said right there, but also tired and scared of masked people so his visit was mercifully short. All in all, not too bad.


    Well another Halloween has come and gone. … And I also got a lot of ‘no costumes’ showing up…

    Something for everyone to think about for next year. A lady in the newspaper said that she made the kids with no costumes sing something for her before she gave them their candy.

    I like that Idea! I am so doing it next year. 😀 They can’t entertain me with a good costume, they can sing, baby, sing. 😀

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