Has anyone seen “He that Believeth in Me” or “Six of One” yet?

Forums Cult Sci Fi Series Battlestar Galactica (Reimagined) Has anyone seen “He that Believeth in Me” or “Six of One” yet?

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    If you’ve seen those fourth season episodes what do you think?





    I haven’t seen them yet.  I’ve yet to download them (to be honest, I didn’t know they were out yet!!)

    better start my bit-torrent client up!



    ACCK! Not seen them yet?? Poor Saddy! I Have watched both and thought they were rather good! Kept me in on the edge of the sofa, as usual.

    Since some of you gits ain’t seen it yet – I won’t spoil it for you, but there are some good bits..and some stupid bits, and some naked bits!

    better fire up that torrent!




    and pull it off their rewind playback on the Battlestar Galactica playbacks episode subsection. You’ll find the last season’s two- parter and this season’s first three episodes up and ready.

    That includes the new last episode, "The Ties that Bind".

    The new episodes are internet broadcast new each Friday from 1200-1600 US EST. You just need to go to the Scifi.com Battlestar Galactica site and go online 1 minute before broadcast on the hour, every hour.

    Hope that helps.







    There’s so little (new) sci-fi available now so I’m kinda forced to love it and I still look forward to each new episode. Just like BSG I’m also rehashing … old sci-fi. Just watched Alien and Aliens. 🙂



    I could write brief mini-reviews of what I see, but then that might spoil it for some of you, who haven’t had the chance to see the episodes yet.

    I have to agree that modern science fiction is in sparse times. There doesn’t seem to be a demand for it. Its all I can do to find Doctor Who broadcasts locally for example and as for Red Dwarf retro-runs? Forget it.






    Test post.



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