Has anyone seen the show?

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    I’d be keen to hear what the show is about and if it is noticably from the dude who made Babylon 5.


    I haven’t seen it, but here is the Official site:

    And a scrip:
    “This Showtime series tracks the aftermath of the Big Death, which wiped out roughly six billion people, anyone over the age of puberty. It’s now 15 years later, and people have been ridinng on the ashes of the old world for the most part, the available resources slowly declining and running out. It’s a moment of transition: either the decline continues, or now that they are adults, people start to rebuild a new world out of the ashes of the old one. The question is what shape will that world take, and who gets to choose? — J. Michael Straczynski’s Post on a Usenet Group. (Found on Plot Tracker http://www.episodelist.com/shows/view.php?show_id=79 )

    I wish someone who has seen it could tell me if it’s worth getting Showtime. Is it?



    Never heard of it.

    Once saw a picture book by JMS, seemingly about fairies, called ‘delicate creatures’ iirc.


    ive seen quite a few episodes, and i like it alot

    there is alot of good -vs- evil type stuff

    luke perry char. is looking for a place his father talked about when he was a kid (vahalla sector) and he meets malcoum jamal warner’s char. and durning there travels they help people and try and find info about the (vahalla sector) – they finally find a place called Thunder Mountain (which is an old military base) and now Warner and Perry, go out on missions to find information and let people know they are not alone

    And the vahalla sector is a place where some of the grown ups survived and they are now preparing to come out of hiding and make the world they way they want it, a world of order and discipline

    It a very good show IMHO A+


    Lemmi, not 2B nittypikking, butt U need @B in the improving of your grammerness, yes?



    Originally posted by The Invisible Lunatic:
    Lemmi, not 2B nittypikking, butt U need @B in the improving of your grammerness, yes?

    Yup me agree alots

    Sometimes my mind moves faster then my typing, and my typing is the 2 finger hunt and peck style


    Mee too!

    But what the best is that peeps sometimes don’t speak proper like wot we does.

    They should takes lessons!


    The typing isn’t my problem. It’s the feeble brain. When you get to my age the mind starts to … um… what was I saying?

    Jeremiah sounds good tho. I’m a sucker for the post apocalyptic vision. Even the worst kind of B movie will suck me in. Who am I trying to kid. A bloody test card will suck me in. TV is EVIL!!!

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