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    Ask Number 6 a Question 😀 This is sorta cute. Here’s a sample:

    Who was your favorite #2.

    Number 6 replies:
    That would be telling. Truthfully, I didn’t like any of them, as they were all trying to break me. But I especially disliked the woman who pretended not to know English and kept saying “tweet tweet” and who bitched slap me at the end. Nobody should bitch slap me like that, not even a #2.

    FYI, before there is any confusion, this is to ask Number 6 a Question. Number 6 is not currently being played by PMcG. Well, Duh!


    Question to Number 6: Why did you resign?

    Number 6 Answers: I do not answer to a number!



    Question to Mr. Drake: Why did you resign?

    Answer: I resigned in order to pursue my life long dream of becoming a circus clown with a travelling rodeo.

    ———Well Now You Know!!!!!———

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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