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    Hey all geezers
    If anyone, and I mean ANYONE, knows where I can find the script of Little Shop of Horrors – the stage version – on the net (ie. not to purchase, just to refer to), please please please pleeeeeeease tell me….


    i was in that last year at school, i will cheack wheather me or the school still has a copy but it will take a while to copy it all up. other that that try the differnt search engines


    Yvonne, I’m assuming you just want the lyrics to the original Broadway version. If so, visit the following two links. (Note that the first link provides a complete lyric ‘sheet’ on the one, big page. The second link gives each scene its own ‘page’, but has a pain in the butt pop up to contend with. just close it, and take each page at a time – everytime. Note that the close button is only accessible via the middle of page, as opposed to the X at right of the top of your browser).

    There are two ways you can save these to your hard drive. Simply copy and paste the web page/s into (say) a word document or simply save the web page as it is, and open up (browse) through your own web browser. (File, save as, web page). You might lose the formatting if you save as a word document but you will keep it as is if you save as a web page.

    Good luck – and remember don’t feed the plants.

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    Thanks heaps guys… I really do appreciate it. I did try looking through a couple of search engines, but didn’t get very far…

    Anyway, I just finished my fifteen minutes of fame as a chorus member… it was a pretty good experience…

    Oh, and no kidding about the annoying pop-up… that thing’s an arse…

    And Bekka, if you don’t mind, and can find your script, could you find the dialogue that occurs in the songs “Suppertime” and “Sominex/Suppertime II”? Becoz I have the lyrics but not the actual spoken dialogue… thanks

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    we only rented the scripts and had to give them all back Sorry


    Ah well, no matter. I just got a copy of a tape of our performance anyway, so now I can watch it to my hearts content…..
    Thanks anyway

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