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    mandara k

    I am, it’s homecoming at the college and well frat parties no frak parties and I came home for this? It had better be good.

    I’m not sweating like him though, watching the bb’s. The re-imaginer and wife like to watch: sounds kinky to me. Go to scifi and be heard little ones IF you can get on, I’ll stay her in geezer land, drink my cider and pray I don’t turn it off to go drink elsewhere!

    I thought about it and well I can eke out the 1.9 to 2.3, not what they want but respectable.

    I’m watching that station (puke) to wait it out. My sis would love them for ESPN commercial.

    She needs to wash her hair, tht chick in Dr. Who.

    A running commentary as i watch.

    mandara k

    doododododododododododododooddod adowl is something that unrolls a scroll

    mandara k

    the cardboard in a paper towel holder.

    mandara k

    SO I can chat during the 1st 15 minutes, saw it previewed so I don’t need to see it again. It’s all up here

    *points to her spinning head*

    mandara k

    She can sing that girl, everyone will want this, and it’s not whining.

    It’s the Mr and Mrs Smith scene, with the fork. you know you wanna stab him.

    C’mon the carrots stick ’em up your nose.

    The need for viagra scene.

    May be sunglasses make Cylons soft.

    The cutting of the food, his nose would in that plate.

    When do I get what i want? Baby i always get what i want, ’cause i’m patient enough to wait for it.

    Bahahahahahaha. Holdiing the door open.

    I feel alcohoic flushed time to take my shirt off. 😈

    mandara k

    Blood stains are hard to remove from the carpet, you’ll have to rent one of those macihines. 😈

    Anywho, since I’m in exile from scifi and damn happy about it, I can kick back here and OMG what are these commercials.

    Except for Riverside casino, after the Shatner joke they built a casino, it still has a trek fest every year, including a Spockapalooza.

    Back to the show, rip from the movie “Ultraviolet”

    mandara k

    SO Tigh gets to play pirate from now on, “ARRRRGH”

    A patch and a “yo ho ho and a bottle of rum”

    mandara k

    Um… well, that was harsh by Adama, but effective… and coffee with the Cylon Sharon. Though Adama was hard on Lee you know his eyes told him I’m sorry, help me, I’m in pain.

    I look beyond words, because words can lie.

    Sharon grew some wisdom but her hair looks too good for sitting in prison.

    mandara k

    The metal Cylons must hate that place, it gets sand into all the vital places. 😛

    I love the guy in the green sweater in the intell commercial, he’s got moves and obviously has taste in music, electronic rules.

    Second hour. coming up.

    mandara k

    What’s up with the tanning both holding centers I’d go there to get warm.

    Who hoo Gaeta in longer hair, you get it waist length I’ll make him a god in human form!

    They cooked Duck’s goose, aw.

    mandara k

    Tigh rolling the home made.

    Night vision coool.

    Tying knots, AD can’t even remember his lines let alone knots in his shoelaces.

    The kid Kacey is kute. Too bad Starbuck doesn’t seem like the Mommy type.

    mandara k

    I’m glad the writing is better but it really is kind of like the Black market writing in the fact it follows but there is little surprise to it. It’s logical but not wow it’s mindblowing.

    It’s more like the documentary and not scifi.

    I’m saying it’s better written than some eps but lacks pizzazz.

    Lost has these arcs but they keep the audience guessing.
    I’m like this not wowing me. it’s good but not frack this IS the ultimate show.

    mandara k

    I know, I’ll get shouted down but I have seen better, it does not push the envelope. it’s nice and neat dark, too suburbian scary.

    OMG, Ron I don’t like it, it shows kids getting hurt! ” Yeah, kids fall down, hell I knew a kid when i worked in ped ICU that got cut up by a boat propeller. Or waht about the “shaken baby syndrome” when kids get shaken so hard they break bones. That will make you sick when you see they take a little one off life support because of that. 😥

    It’s killing peole and placing them in mass graves, hello, ever watch the concentration camp footage? It’s a lot worse.

    Gotta say saw this, did this before.

    mandara k

    I’m going drinking, sayonara.

    Grow some imagination.


    Cool, love the idea of a running commentary! 🙂

    mandara k

    Those are called podcasts if you want the take on the ins of the show and kilinking plates and listening to Dowl down endless glasses of scotch and explain the intricacies of shooting to us and which Cylon is which to his chatty wife.

    I’m bored wit dat . You have to wait until he’s had a few so he unwinds enough to be fun, snippy but looser.

    C’mon fun is the name of the game here. No whining about podcasts? I say boorah, make them entertaining then. Try killing off a half bottle of scotch BEFORE you podcast.

    I’ll do my “fan” 🙄 😕 commentary on eps but i can’t type as fast as my thoughts and it might spoil them. Besides obviously if Dowel-wager thinks the only person in the world to do the podcast is his “Feisty” wife (I call her mouth), then he obviously can’t look at this with humor. He’s too close to it and by happenstance she is too.

    WE need a totally unbiased look at it. I’d love to do commentary on the commentary.

    You know great men always have mouths to back them up.

    Wrestlers have that chick who breaks the chair over the opponents head.

    Dog the Bounty Hunter has whatever her name is.

    Sonny HAD Cher (well she wasn’t a mouth until later)

    So, I can’t begrudge Dowel his woman, I do wonder what happened to the first wife though. The theory is he dumped her for mouth, and got the kids to boot. Ah Holly wood!

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