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    i heard today that there going to be making some Hollywood remake of Hitch Hikers. what’s everyone’s take on this? has anyone else heard any news on the subject. not sure about it myself. Hollywood studios have an awful habit of taking a good, low budget idea, chucking zillions into producing a blockbuster movie- then making a complete hash of it


    They’ve been muting a HHG film for about 20 years.

    Sometimes they even made it sound as though the story was for real.

    Most HHG fans however are just plane sick of hearing about it

    I for one would absolutely LOVE to see a HHG film! I just don’t think I’m gonna see one in my lifetime


    A lot of reliable sources corroborated this story today. The story being that a deal was inked and the author of the chicken run script will be taking over the hhgttg script where DNA left off.

    Also mentioned is that Jay Roach (director of Austin Powers, Meet the Parents) is still attached to direct. Considering that this has been consistently reported since January 1998, i figure there might actually be something to it.

    Anyways, sounds promising, i’m keeping my fingers crossed. Hopefully Saddy will still be alive when it happens!


    Heck, Douglas was in the middle of writing a screenplay when he died, and he was already contracted to make one in the past but backed down when he realised that the people making it were more interested in effects than storylines.


    some movies are it’s own effects which attract the audience and i think this one was looks like the same which has all the ornaments to give us some relaxe with enjoyments.

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