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    Out of Gas Episode

    This was well produced and had a moderately interesting story. What did you think?

    {Review coming up in the next day or so}.


    Not only was I drawn into the story, but I was greatly encouraged. This ep showed that Firefly can rise to its potential, if only Fox will give it a chance.

    I don’t know how much was the original pilot and how much was newly introduced into the episode, but it was handled very well. Three interwoven threads to the story, two of them done in flashback, would normally be a disaster in lesser hands. But I was easily able to follow the story without getting confused about what was happening at any one time. Well done, Firefly people.

    I have one small nitpick. At times, Inara comes off weaker and softer than I would expect from somebody in her line of work (i.e., “diplomacy”).

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    Champagne Supernova

    Well I’m not one to make long posts so I’ll keep it short. ‘Out Of Gas’ was awesome. In fact, I think Firefly is an awesome show. The only problem that I have though, is that it lacks action. I realize therez the budget you got to take into consideration especially if therez 9 regulars. But Joss Whedon so far has proven that he can make really good eps without the action factor. “And that’s.. well I guess that’s somethin’!”



    Far and away my favorite episode of the season thus far (I haven’t seen the unaired pilot, or “Our Mrs. Reynolds”).

    Champagne Supernova

    I totally agree with you. But on the bright side, actually, what I’m hoping, is that Joss/Fox is making us like the characters, the visuals and the basic plot before they kickstart the arc & add more action. But with that said, I still like Firefly a lot. I’m just nitpicking. Besides, I’d rather watch a scifi with good characters & less action than dumb characters with lots a action.

    And by the way, if I haven’t mentioned it before, I will now. You’re website is awesome! How ’bout adding Jeremiah to your Sad TV guide? It’s just a suggestion ’cause I like that show a lot too.




    Originally posted by Champagne Supernova:
    … The only problem that I have though, is that it lacks action. I realize therez the budget you got to take into consideration especially if therez 9 regulars. …

    It’s funny you should say that. I was chatting to the ladywife about it a few days ago. She thinks that I’m not too keen on the show so far because of the lack of action. She pointed out that normally, a new sci fi series will knock us over the head with action and suspence to keep everyone interested before concentrating on the characterisation and interaction.

    She thinks that Whedon has chosen to do this all in reverse and that’s why I’m reacting nergatively.

    I must admit though, that when you are resolved to spend so much time writing reviews for the show and developing a guide, you really want it to be something special, more innovative and different from other shows. So far, Whedon has created the cool characters but not much plot. The whole of the Firefly backdrop is uninspirational – they all lead boring humdrum lives and if it wasn’t for the fact that the crew were so interesting, the best thing that they could do would be to top themselves.

    The science is bloody stupid – I mean full of holes and they keep tripping themselves up all the time. For instance there has been a BIG debate on the net for the last couple of months about if the show is set in a star system (like our solar system) or a group of star systems. – the reason they need to know is that Whedon said that there was no farster than light travel in the show, therefore they would not be able to travel between stars because they’d be so far apart.

    Lots of theories and ideas of the Firefly uiniverse have been put together and disciussed and it was finally decided that a very large star system with LOTS of planets was the most likely solution.

    Then, in the beginning of the last show Captain Malfunction told us that when the earth system was ‘used up’ they spread out accross the Galaxy. This would be impossible according to Whedon’s original backplot.

    If he could just try and concentrate on some of the finer bits of the science and making the story more believable by maybe spending a little less time on Mal and Inara’s relationship (cool though it is) sci fi geeks like me would find each episode much more interesting.

    Personally, I’m hopeing that all this will become irrelevant once the story ark kicks in (they say it will be from the 8th episode). In which case I’m sure everything will become clearer.

    I think its’a real mistake though, to put all the filler episodes in the first part of the season of a new series. It’s either Whedon’s arrogance or FOX’s stupidity (prolly the latter).

    Wow! Wadda rant! I shouldjn’t have gone on for so long. I guess I’m still a little more peeved at this show than I should be.


    I liked this episode a lot. It was probably the best aired episode. The way the episode jumped around was done very well. It wasn’t confusing, adn the time jumps were done at appropriate times. Well except for the last one with Jayne, that seemed kinda rushed.

    Speaking of Jayne, before this episode, I thought it was just an inside joke about him switching sides if a better offer came along. After seeing how he joined the crew, it appears that his defection may prove a real threat in the future.


    Originally posted by SadGeezer:
    This was well produced and had a moderately interesting story.

    You can barely contain your enthusiasm, can you Sad? Cheer up, the show seems to be shaping up a bit. But then again, it wouldn’t be that hard to improve after Jaynestown.

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