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    It seems to have been another GREAT! LEXX event.

    First impressions came in from Randalt:


    Oh, that was a lot of fun. I wasn’t there for every event, but I know everyone enjoyed themselves.
    Others can tell you more, I don’t want to start going on about details until I sort it out. I took many Polaroids and gave most of them away, and there were dozens of flashes from a lot of cameras.

    I hope more people can come next year (next year? There was some talk of going to Las Vegas (Viva Lexx Vegas!)).


    And we also have a cool selection of pics on Lexxyluna’s site at:


    There are lots more reviews and cool stuff reported, I’ll post more as soon as I have permission.


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    Hi! I posted my report on the Lexxbored, as a response to “What happened? Huh? Huh?” (Obscure, I know… but I didn’t choose the subject heading!)

    I just wanted to add that if anyone is thinking of starting a Con but is afraid no one will show up – go ahead and do it! As instigator of this thing, I can tell you that Lexxians appear like spontaneously-generating organisms! And they will help you!

    HoggCon started when I casually mentioned in chat that I wanted to go to Toronto to see a play in October. Lunatic and Kaisfem jumped right on it; and soon four or five of us decided to get together in the spring.

    Somehow, a handful of people multiplied the attendees to 26 at one point! I blame Lunatic for spreading the madness in chat! I decided on the dates, Randalt found a meeting place, and everyone supplied the energy.

    I can’t thank Patricia Zentilli and Jeffrey Hirschfield enough for their gracious responses to the invitation. Too bad that Patricia had to leave for Halifax – but we can’t wait to see her in Season 4!


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