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    Just watched Farscape episode “Out of their minds” I find it one of the most Genuinely Funny Episodes I have seen for many a long time,also “Crackers Dont Matter” was pretty laugh out loud too
    I have seen a few so-called comedy episodes from various Sci-Fi shows but generally they barely raise a Titter,the above two,however are an exception
    Can anyone else think of a Really good and truly funny(Intentionally) episode from any other otherwise “Serious” Sci-Fi show?



    I think you hit the mark, dead center. Farscape was the only one I could think of as well, at first.

    Firefly comes to mind though. I can’t name specific episodes but I remember having some good laughs watching it. 🙂

    But Farscape still has a sustantial lead.



    I think the thing with Farscape was that it would one week show one of it’s major characters in absolute agony(Crighton being tortured by Scorpius) and then completely throw you off guard with something which Made you Laugh hard!
    The excellent acting really shows through when they can turn you round like that in my humble opinion 😀



    I really liked the SG-1 episode where the show itself was parodied… this character (forget his name) tried to launch a new TV series (unwittingly) based off of the real SG-1 team. The actors playing O’Neil, Sam and Teal’C were gross mis-characterizations, the plots cheesy and the props were lame and it was all funny as hell. Can someone pick me up, here? What was the episode called?



    I know of several bust out laughing moments in the movie Fifth Element. I particularly loved evil dude with bad hair snarkily arguing with himself, oh and his ‘Oh My’ when he couldn’t shut off his own bomb was priceless.

    Hummmm, a TV show….. Quantum Leap immediately springs…. to mind. 😀 I particularlly liked Dean Stockwell’s Al, razzing on Sam.



    The SG-1 episode was called the same or something similar to the show in the episode, extreme .. -something, I think…
    Aha! found it. “Wormhole X-treme”, season 5.
    I still had an old link to a episode guide. 🙂

    A personal favorite of mine from 5th element is Gary Oldman’s monolog about the difference between warriors and killers, and the following explosive punchline. 😀
    A very good movie in my humble opinion, many special moments in it.



    [quote=”shadowolf”] A personal favorite of mine from 5th element is Gary Oldman’s monolog about the difference between warriors and killers, and the following explosive punchline. 😀
    A very good movie in my humble opinion, many special moments in it.[/quote]

    Is that the one where he said that a real warrior would have asked about the red button?

    He was great in that movie wasn’t he? So deliciously creepy, in a mega-maniaic kinda repulsive way. 😉



    that’s the one.

    The robber with a photo of the corridor on his head – another favorite. 🙂

    My memory of this one is more than a bit rusty, but I seem to recall some fun moments in Buck Rogers .. though I was pretty young at the time it. 😳
    The robot was my favorite .. Twiggy?



    erm….you might have guessed…but I Love Fifth Element.

    I think one of the funniest lines is when the guy in the Flying Junk boat tells the hero “You’re Fired!” much funnier than Trump!

    The “Auto-Wash” scene is also very funny where all the characters get stashed in different areas around Korben Dallases apt. LeeLoo gets “washed” in the shower but the Priest just about suffocates in the bed as it gets auto made with a plastic top sheet.

    …it has been a stressful day…don’t mind me if I type no sense…


    n5 -kopele

    3rd Rock from the Sun is the best comedy sci-fi ever! I can remember of some funny moments in Lexx and Farscape, but not too many. The animated episode of Farscape was supposed to be funny, but I couldn’t stand it, it was soooo boring! The X-Files had some funny episodes too 🙂



    Of course! How could I forget the X-Files? The episode that stands out (in terms of humor) is the vampire episode featuring a then-unknown Luke Wilson.

    Basically, Mulder and Scully had to recount their version of certains events that led to Mulder shooting a “vampire” in a small town, so the episode was mainly one story told from both their points of view. Mulder/ Scully then used this opportunity to take subtle jabs at one another’s personality and professionalism in that funny, dry X-Files way. Their perspectives on the Sheriff was priceless…Scully recounted teaming with a dashing young Sheriff (Luke Wilson) who helped play a key role in their investigation; Mulder’s verison featured a buck-toothed, hay-seed Sheriff that Scully girlishly fawned over 😆

    A great episode and my spouse’s favorite as well.



    for me hands down as a complete series

    nothing tops Red Dwarf for sci-fi related humour

    awesome stuff!



    [quote=”mrkeys”]for me hands down as a complete series

    nothing tops Red Dwarf for sci-fi related humour
    awesome stuff![/quote]

    I always loved Cat. He had such unintentionally funny lines, and his ‘this monkey stuff doesn’t matter to me’ attitude when something was going totally wrong was always good for a laugh.



    As noted, the X-Files had some very funny episodes. The Canadian cable channel SPACE did an X-Files comedy marathon some years back, and thee episode that stuck in my head the most was the body-swapping two-parter, [i]Dreamland 1 & 2[/i] with Micheal McKean as Morris Fletcher (I’m a Spinal Tap fan). Mulder swaps bodies with an Area 51 employee, hilarity ensues. 🙂

    The popular character, Morris Fletcher, came back for more episodes including the rather aptly named, [i]Jump the Shark[/i] (really The X-Files had jumped the shark before that — a few times in fact, imo).

    Speaking of body-swaps, I’m greatly amused by Shatner’s wonderfully over-the-top performance in the Star Trek TOS episode where Kirk swaps bodies with a woman (Dr. Lester in [i]Turnabout Intruder[/i]). A hilarious examination of the female condition by Shatner. Twas The final Star Trek TOS episode as I recall.

    Hey, and since the comedy, Red Dwarf, was mentioned, I found Rimmer’s abuse of Lister’s body very funny in the episode [i]Body Swap[/i].



    It has to be Red Dwarf for me too! The episode [b]Justice[/b] when Kryten attempts to defend Rimmer from charges that he was responsible for the death of his crewmates:

    [b]KRYTEN:[/b] [color=white] “I ask the court o­ne key question, would the Space Corps ever have allowed this man to be in a position of authority where he might endanger the entire crew. A man so petty and small minded that he would while away the evening sewing name labels o­nto his ship issue condoms. A man of such awesome stupidity, he even objects to his own defence counsel, an over zealous trumped up little squirt….. an incompetent vending machine repair man with a Napoleon complex… who had as much respect from his crew-members as long John Silver’s parrot.

    Who would permit this man, this joke of a man, this man who could not outwit a used tee-bag, to be in a position where he might endanger the entire crew.. who …. o­nly a yoghurt!

    This man is not guilty of manslaughter, he is o­nly guilty of being Arnold J Rimmer. That is his crime, it is also his punishment!” [/color]

    Cracks me up! 😀

    But I gues that doesn’t count since it’s a comedy sci fi show. I’d go with YOWAYYO and shadowolf about the Stargate Extreme epsiode, which was wonderfully acted by each of the fake SG1 crew.

    The very end was the best though, where we are lead to believe that the actors in Stargate Extreme actually thought they were making a real show.

    [color=white] “What do you mean is’s a fake show? Does this mean I’m also gong to be paid fake money!?” [/color]



    Red Dwarf still makes me laugh.. lol



    As for Red Dwarf,obviously,yes,it is a comedy show anyway,but it has some plots that put many serious shows to shame

    And yea,it is one of those shows I can watch again and again,and even though I know whats coming,it still Cracks me up big time!

    The Cat:” Why don’t we drop the defensive shields? ”
    Kryten: “A superlative suggestion, sir. With just two minor flaws. One, we don’t have any defensive shields. And two, we don’t have any defensive shields. Now I realise that technically speaking that’s only one flaw but I thought that it was such a big one that it was worth mentioning twice.”



    God I miss that show.

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