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    Even though Douglas Adams is no longer with us… we WILL be getting new Hitch hikers stories! He suffered from writer’s block for several years, and even though he never published his attempts at a follow up, he *did* keep them.

    They will be getting them together & deciding on a writer and releasing them over the next few years. I’ll come back and post the link when I get it — my BF Glenn told me this last night & he’s supposed to send the link once he gets to work & checks his faves – yippie!!!!!!!

    I loved the books — HATED the movies. I can’t watch a show with too many unattractive ppl in it at once you kno, hehe

    Seriously though, it was just too slow for me. But the books were some of the first ‘scifi’ I read after Asimov’s Robot novels (don’t get me started on the robot novels… ::elfie dies a happy death if she has an asimov novel in her hand:

    I certainly hope that if this happens it is a *good* sequal… It could really go either way depending on who they get to work on it.

    elfie (trying desperately not to fall into smilie overload yet again)


    Here’s the article:

    Douglas Adams’ last unfinished novel, A Salmon of a Doubt, will be published next year on the anniversary of his death, the British Telegraph newspaper reported. Salmon-the sixth installment of Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series-was edited based on files found on Adams’ computer after he died suddenly in May, Adams’ agent, Ed Victor, told the Telegraph.

    Adams, who died of a heart attack at age 49, suffered from writer’s block and is believed to have been working on the book for 11 years, the newspaper reported. “We have pored over Douglas’ hard drive,” Victor said. “There were so many different versions of the novel. He would take it and then revise it repeatedly, so there were many files. As soon as he wrote anything, he would say, ‘Oh God, that’s terrible.’ He was a very, very self-critical author.”

    A Salmon of a Doubt will be published in a volume of the author’s final writing, which includes magazine and newspaper articles, lectures, writings from his Web site and his work with BBC Radio 4. It will also include the screenplay of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, the newspaper reported.


    Oh geeze!



    Wow, that sounds great!

    Thanks for the post elfie!

    Why did you say ‘Oh Geeze’ Slop?

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    I have a copy of all the stories in various forms of D.A. Yes I have his “bio” book Last Chance to See. I welcome another chance to read a NEW Douglas Adams book. In a way I am a little glad he wasnt a Steven King and just crank out CRAP but what he did write was his best! But maybe 3 or 4 other books…always leave them wanting more!
    Will miss him

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