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    Here in the UK, we have just had Ep 3 of the current season (Willow just got back, but was invisible).

    What Ep are you on in the States? I’ve got a couple of mates over there who I have been avoiding talking to, about Buffy (other than they are not impressed, even less so with Angel). Last year I seem to recall that the states had a break, and then we caught up to only one or 2 Eps behind. Is this happening again this year?

    It’s dead frustrating, cos everyone here is way ahead of me, I am seriously short of people to have a damn good anarak* with. Are there any Brits here who, like me, have avoided reading the spoilers, and haven’t downloaded them (ahh, broadband, how I yearn for thee)? Is there anyone out there who still has no idea what all this ‘First Evil’ gubbins is all about?

    *Anarak (verb) – To Anarak is to fervently discuss a topic that would be deemed incredibly sad by most decent, upright human beings. Usually applied to conversations concerning subjects such as Trainspotting, roleplaying, computer gaming, ‘cult’ TV and film (particularly Sci-fi), etc. Anaraking is generally found taking place amongst small groups or pairs in darkend corners of dingey (sp?) pubs (or at least, that’s where I do most of mine).


    The States have just aired episode 13 in which Willow…. hmmm It has Willow issues (I don’t want to give too much away) 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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