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    I was just wondering about the other sadgeezers….is Sci Fi a big part of your lives, , do you read lots of Sci Fi books, go to conventions or that sort of thing? Who are you favourite authors?

    Most of my friends don’t understand why I am keen on this stuff they just humour me

    I don’t mind being a geek though


     Never been on a sci-fi convention, but I spend quite a lot of time with sci-fi TV shows, games and movies, and used to read a lot of sci-fi books, though sadly I haven’t read any books for a while now.

    My favourite authors would probably be William Gibson, Philip K. Dick and Ray Bradbury. Also loved Carl Sagan’s Contact, but haven’t gotten around to reading any more of his works yet.

    Don’t have many friends who share my interests either, but occasionally get to discuss Star Trek with one or cyberpunk and transhumanism with another.


    I’ve been to several conventions over the years. Some minor, some gamer, some major. I do watch good sci-fi. ie… nothing with Kevin Sorbo in it.

    Authors? I like McMasters Bujold, Phillip Dick, L. E. Modesitt Jr., Charles Stross and when I was much younger John Christoper who wrote the Tripod Series.

    Fortunately, my younger brother who lived with me for many years  is also a sci-fi fan. So we had in house sci-fi geek support. 😀


    Hmm a common link here with everyone seems to be Philip K Dick! I have liked everything I have read and watched based on his books.  Other authors here and there. I am still new to all this  so it is mostly films , through the influence of my  University  friend. He is also a miniatures gamer, he trusts me enough now to let me help him paint his metal Sci Fi miniatures. I find that quite relaxing sitting quietly with him doing that. I went with him recently to a wargames show that was quite interesting I was one of only about 4 females there though. 

    In house Geek support sounds good thefrey. My brother is a geek but in a different direction, he was always wiring up electronic stuff. When he was younger he wired sensors under the stair carpet so he knew when mum or dad  were coming up the stairs.

    Girlfriend is not into it at all but she is happy to watch whatever I want to watch.


    Phil Dick is certainly a common thread here, without doubt one of my favourite authors as well. Unfortunately the filming of his work is somewhat hit and miss, Bladerunner good, Minority Report bad, I think the best of the rest might be A Scanner Darkly, whilst not heavily SF themed it is very typical of PKDs work.

    As regards the rest, I have been to one convention the Babylon 5 Alliance Gathering in Blackpool, I had an absolute riot. I do read quite a bit of SF, it comes in so many different kinds of flavours that I can read what are seemingly disparate but are still SF. My fave author at the moment is Peter F Hamilton, a UK writer and the current master of the technical space opera. Other authors I like include Norman Spinrad, John Sladek (author of TikTok, the funniest SF novel since Bill The Galactic Hero) and Eric Frank Russell, another top SF humorist.

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