how sad is that??

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    i bought a diary today!! nothing odd in that you may think, seeing as next year’s calendars, diaries and the like are gradually working their ways into our shops ready for the christmas rush (christmas rush? why put things in the shop now, cluttering up store spaces when just about every man and his dog does their chrimbo shopping in the last few days before christmas?(ok, different subject!)).anyway, i bought this thing from a local charity shop for 50p. bargain, you may think. It’s a Star Trek diary..ok, so i’m into Trek..nowt wrong with buying a Trek diary, is there?….the problem is, it’s a 1998 diary-really, it is! spotless! it probably won’t be after i’ve finished using half a bottle of Tipp-ex on it. it won’t be the first time i’ve done that with a diary…


    On a similar subject, I have a 1997 Star Trek diary – or at least, I did have before I moved. It could be anywhere now. I suspect it may have disappeared into the ether during the move…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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