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    I am a newby to this site, but I love it. I definitely like the fact that I can get to know other Farscape fans.

    So, here’s my question…how should they end season three? John, Aeryn, and Crais are heading off to prevent the Peace Keepers from using the wormhole knowledge that Scropius sucked from John’s head.

    The journey and eventual battle should be great, but I hope they don’t kill off Scorpy.
    I love that creepy half-breed. Hopefully, no one else will die either, I don’t think I could take another death in the family. Wait, they can kill Jool or let Rygel trade her for something. I love the barter system.


    Hate to tell you this, but Crais and Talyn are dead, blow to pieces, along with the command carrier.


    Hi Scarlett, I’m a newbie too 🙂

    I’m afraid Indiana is right, Crais and Talyn sacrificed themselves in order to blow up Scorpy’s command carrier – but what I don’t get is why Crais couldn’t use his neural link to activate Talyn remotely, I guess he felt he had less to lose than anyone else, or it was the old Captain’s wish to go down with his ship.

    We are in for a weird ending, if the spoilers I’ve read are true.


    hell.. we’re gonna find out on Thursday anyway!
    From the spoilers it looks like Talyn’s gonna get buried, but an enraged Leviathan will stand in their way – how will it end.. couldn’t say, but I’ll post a review later.


    Well, DAMN!!!!! I guess that is what I get for not wanting to read the spoilers. But, gee thanks for breaking the news to me softly!
    I still have three monthes of waiting before I get to see anything new and it is KILLING ME! I guess I’ll have to start reading the spoilers ahead of time.


    How should it end? Thought it did, well on BBC (UK) it did. As for Crais and Talyn, I agree that he could have done it remotely but Indianas’ right, After loosing his family (being press ganged), his brother and Talyn, sacrificing himself was the only thing he could do. And I was just getting to like him (well at least he still is the voice of pilot)


    Dead is never truelly dead in scifi. Just look at how many people came back from the grave already on Farcape.


    Alright. Here’s what I can get from various forums.

    Aeryn is pregnant. Aeryn is not pregnant.
    Crais and Talyn made it out of the carrier before it was too late.
    Moya gets sucked into a wormhole.
    Aeryn leaves John.
    John becomes stranded after Moya wormhole sucking experience.

    Anybody care to comment????


    OK, I saw it so here is what really happenned.

    1. Crais and Talyn are DEAD and I mean Realy, really dead (like riggermortis)
    2. Wreckasge found and buried in sacred ground (with a deranged Leviathon on PMS in their way)
    3. Aeryn is pregnant and Moya gets sucked in a wormhole leaving Chrichton all alone in deep space.


    From the USA (where, to my surprise, I find you guys over in the UK are pretty generous with the spoilers!):
    I, personally, am not so concerned about what happens as howit all happens. (And, no, please don’t tell me any more! gotta save something for April!)
    What I mean is this: so many TV series go to hezmana after the sexual tension in the couples is satisfied. So far, the Aeryn/John thing has gotten away with keeping up the tension and giving us some goodies. And what they have done with Chiana and D’Argo really blew me away! So, whatever happens, I hope a good amount of tension remains.
    Seeing as Aeryn is constantly wavering over what she wants every other day, I think that it will be fine. Three seasons in, and we still have this going on! It’s such pleasure, such irritation, and I love it!
    U’boo, Proud that a girlwon the USA’s first gold medal in Salt Lake yesterday!

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