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    I don’t know if this is permitted here? Its not spam and I’m not selling anything but since I have only been a lurker I don’t know if it’s appropriate.

    I was hoping to get some people to come look at and maybe join my new forum.

    Its about all forms of speculative fiction and theoretical science. But its more than that, Its about discussing websites and pages we find.
    SadGeezers is very established and well formed. I hope you don’t feel threatened by this. I don’t want to be banned but I only have 5 members.
    It’s hard to discuss anything.

    Well, It’s a free forum and I would like you to take a look…
    I call it SciFiExplorers after a group with a similar theme I have on Yahoo.
    Hope to see you there.
    I would like someone here to profile SadGeezers for us. If not I will do it myself and try to direct some people to you.

    mandara k

    I’m sorry but i just can’t join a new forum now, now that i have wrting of my own to peruse, revise, and follow and a blog as well AND a FT job.

    But I love this pg; I hope you do not mind if a pull it out and point it out.

    Tell me if you do not want the link here but it really makes you think about what sci-fi is, where it came from and where it is going now and where we hope to hell it will go; not the limits we have now.

    Sci-fi potential is vast!

    Your link sir…..http://scifiexplorers.eamped.com/about-this-forum-vf10.html

    Thank you Skwirl; and um Misery MO may not be the best place to list as a location even though it might be true. 😉


    Thanx for the response- you may use my forums to any extent you wish.

    Yes, misery (miserie) is a real place

    mandara k

    The prob is I’m not totally into everything there enough to speak clearly and cleanly about it and well….. I’m so into a lot of different genres right now.

    Sci-fi is and will remain my fave; but I mentioned on my blog the movie “The Departed”

    Looooving The Dropkick Murphy’s song from the movie; makes my Irish heart go pitty-pat.

    Love the line also when they talked about the Irish and Freud; that they can’t be psychoanalyzed 😆

    Anyway, the world is full of interesting things to see and foresee and BSG which I used to love no longer does much for me; following another tune from another piper; someone easier to work with and a idea sharing relationship that is better and much more satisfying for both parties.

    Eh, i leave the BSG makers and fans to wrap the remnants of their tattered show around them and try to keep at the cold winds of change and reality of mortality and happily jig to a new tune with an excellent piper.

    I’m content and excited. 😀

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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