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    In the blinding stench of ever bigger budget sci-fi fecial films, I feel that it is important to drive that arrent burr that is Lexx a little deeper into that spot “you just can’t reach” in the back of George Lukeass and his minnons. So I turn to you my brothers and sisters for ideas to torment the ‘lil costumed virgins waiting in line May the 19th in the propper Lexx fashion.

    Beating them up with their own lightsabre (AKA painted cardboard tube) is growing dull.

    Please Help!

    (P.S. I’m looking for a nice lexx tee to wear while I’m do it. Sell me yours)

    and God Save Natalie Portman!


    What? Something that diss’es The ‘Wars’ Fans or the Movie itself? 😀

    We did do a ‘Kill the Jedi first’ shirt using a great sketch of Lubka’s featuring 790 and all the 791 drones, but I think the kill fan’s shirt featured ‘Trekies’ who are easier to make fun of.

    Perhaps we could think of something that would work for you. ;D When does it open? Next thursday?


    There’s a nice 3rd Rock episode (series 2) where Sally beats the Cr@p out of MarK Hammill for stealing the Solomons table in a restuarant..Tommy and Dick do a good light sabre piss take too and later on Hammmill himself takes the piss out of the light sabre thing with a hairdryer and mocks his hand chopping off routine .. it works very well on the show..

    however..something more serious is necessary..context is the stumbling block here..but how about recruiting the Lexx’s toilet ..surely someone somewhwere could do a good T shirt or better still a puppet show like Series 4 Midsummers Nightmare but with Luke n Darth…could be mobile so as to taunt the queues!!


    Some words to consider: shove, backside, bad carrots.

    If that seems a bit extreme, you could pelt them from a safer distance with bad carrots, rancid Potatahoans, and rotten Fruitcake.


    Err…pardon me if I’m asking a stupid question, but where is this coming from? Do Lexxians suddenly hate Warsies and Trekkies, or have I just not been paying close enough attention?

    What I guess I’m getting at is: Why does the Lexx community (or at least you guys in this thread…’cause I’m slightly clueless about Lexx itsself… 😆 ) feel the need to lower themselves to the level of the die-herd Trekkies/Warsies who CONSTANTLY bash eachother’s franchises?

    Err…I hope that I didn’t just ramble on about nothing there…I just…take issue with the whole “OMFG MY SH0W C4N 707411Y PWN Y0UR 5UCKY SHOWS 455!!!!1111oneoneelevenshiftone” mentality… 😆


    It is ridiculous, I took it with far more than a ‘pinch’ of salt.

    While I think the Star Wars franchise has plumbed the blockbuster depths, I don’t think one should take competition between a small group of Lexxians vs. the great hordes of Star Wars admirers that seriously.

    Incidentally, while a Lexxist, I’m also a Trekker (classic Trek particularly though much of TNG was great), a Prisoner, a classic Whovian, and a general sci-fi/fantasy buff.

    Lexx was, and never will be, the be-all and end-all for me.

    So I take it with humour. Anyone whose lives revolve around an entertainment spectacle (if not a career choice) needs to get out more and live a little, in my opinion.


    Okay, so I *was* just overreacting. Sorry ’bout that.


    No need for apologies; it certainly offers the opportunity for interesting discussion. I was just interpreting things from my perspective. I love various shows, but I don’t tend to take them, or fandoms for that matter, that seriously.

    I just think, or like to think, that sadgeezers, on the whole, are a little too laid back for such misplaced hatred (though I guess the subject is rather condescending — bashing is a fun pastime for many). And Lexxians tend to be a pretty humorous, tongue-in-cheek, bunch since the show is part comedy. Bashing is irrational ; I’ve done it for silly fun before — mostly in jest.

    Hope I wasn’t dismissive with my comments, because I do think your concerns are worth noting and exploring. It’s a valid concern in fandoms. I considered getting into this discussion when I first saw the topic, but opted to join in on the fun instead.

    That “my show is better than your show,” “We rock; you suck,” “we’re superior,” “You should all like what I like, and hate what I hate,” “If people watched it, they’d love it too” mentalities is prevalent in many fandoms, epecially amongst some of the hardcore “fanatic” types. I’ve seen it with Lexx fans, Farscape fans, Trekkies, Battlestar Galactica fans etc. Considering that what we find “good” is a subjective evaluation, it’s very silly indeed.

    I loved early Lexx, but thought the last season, mostly, very sucky. Others disagree. You should have witnessed the great Lexxian battless between the Xev droolers and the Zev dribblers… Many souls drowned in a stormy sea of vitriolic spittle. 😆 “There can be only one -ev. The Zev dribblers spit on you!” 😉

    Here are a couple of fun video presentations on Star Wars fans: Triumph the Dog at a Star Wars opening http://seanism.com/dlarea/?action=watch&id=43 😆
    and http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/starwars

    Authorial note: I meant to say “Lexx wasn’t, and never will be” before.

    Please excuse the lengthy digression, now back on topic: A bunch of Lexxians could dress up as Feppo and Smoor and use the force on those Jedi ‘virgins.’ “Squeal, squeal.”


    Err…pardon me if I’m asking a stupid question, but where is this coming from? Do Lexxians suddenly hate Warsies and Trekkies, or have I just not been paying close enough attention?

    No, not at all. 🙂 It started as a DragonCon joke during a t-shirt contest. One of Kai’s most memorable moments in season three is when he rewrites the end of his famous ‘I have killed’ speech to muse upon how long it has been since he killed a room full of petty bureaucrats. Well since there are so many Trekies at DC, it was changed from bureaucrat to trekie.

    Mainly since Paul Donovan use to describe the show as Star Trek’s evil twin. 🙂

    There was a Klingon Shirt

    And a Prime Directive shirt.

    At this time Mr. Downey said that we shouldn’t single out the nice Trekkies. So what to do? We couldn’t do Farscape, it’s small show, too similar in it’s fan base, and besides there had already been Lexx/’Scapers scraps on the Sci-fi board. We wanted to stop, honest, but the thought of Kai/Lexx taking on a bigger show was too tempting. So we looked for a large contingent of fans, secure in their numbers and decided to poke a bit of fun using the Star Wars franchise.




    Blah! Where you got that I was on a crusade to topple SW and raise the flag of Lexx is… [well, if you have nothing nice to say]. While it is true that I do not endorse SW (for obvious reasons), I don’t think Lexx is Oscar worthy either. I do not have time to expand on this tonight, but let me be clear…

    I pick on “Warsies” (as you call them) because I CAN! When I see a class of lower, social dead beats, begging for guidance: it is my civic duty (and private joy) to pick on them and try to drag them up to remedial. So hopefully reality can pick them up and drag them on up to “normal”. I should hope to have received some assistance on this, but it is not a necessity.

    Go on: cry havoc, and let lose your dogs of semantics. I enjoy other peoples ideas (which is why I loathe [I’m using the word LOATHE here] SW). Call me what you like. Just know that “bigot-headed” is a complement for those who don’t understand it’s meaning.

    I could write a thesis on the “Evil Empire” but it will have to wait for tomorrow night to “Cliff Note” it down to one page. Till then….

    May His Merciful Shadow fall upon you: Skywalker!




    Caaaaaackle! Snort!

    I could just see Kai bracing..a few jedi!! Heh!


    Okay, now that I understand that this is all supposed to be good fun…

    You could always run around shouting that the Executor was really only 9 kilometers long, or that the DSII was only 160 k in diameter, just to get a rise out of some of the ultra pedantic fans.

    Uhh…I’m not very good at this…

    And that Triumph bit was hilarious (err…at least I hope that that one was the one I’ve seen heh heh 😳 ) , but that guy dressed as Vader should have pointed to one of the buttons on his outfit after being asked “Which of these buttons calls your mom to pick you up?”…I would’ve been rolling on the floor if he had done that.


    hey I’ve just found a light sabre in my Cornflakes packet! Looks kinda like an old lipstick though far less useful!!


    Sorry y’all, today has been a day for rambling inanely since I’m in a curious state of mind. I don’t mean to derail this fun topic.

    The Triumph the Dog link was hilarious… I think it shows how many people perceive Star Wars fandom.

    For better or worse (depending on who you are), it’s become part of pop-culture to make fun of Star Wars uberfans, and the sub-culture of Star Wars fandom — a large, easy target, and, especially with the advent of the new film, it’s open season.

    The media tends to focus on those “cultists” who make a spectacle of themselves, or take their hobby to extremes (that’s entertainment!). For instance, Trekkies who wear their uniforms to work, learn Klingon, and/or worship at The Church of Spock. Or Star Warsians who like to dress up and role-play in the queue for movies, memorise the dialogue, (“Hmm, yousa point is well seen… that’s why you no liking us meesa thinks”) or devote themselves to Jediism (they remind me a bit of Hare Krishnas, but with less colourful clothes, oh and they carry light sabers instead of tambourines, and ummm. Okay…). It’s bound to invite ridicule from some, and indeed many revel in both the negative attention from the bemused, uninititiated spectator, as well as the positive reaction from fellow fans/cult members..

    They’re getting noticed. Many people like to set themselves apart from the mainstream in the most obvious of ways — remember the days of Punk? (of course Star Wars is a huge mainstream success).

    It’s because the more extreme fans sometimes come across as so far removed from reality (perceived to be living in fantasy worlds) that many scorn them. It’s unfair, the whole fanbase gets stereotyped… Whether false or not, or partially true, there’s this prevalent idea in the heads of many that the fans are geeks and freaks (no doubt some are in any group). I’m a freak, and not ashamed of it, but my geekinees still needs work.

    Of course there’s nothing wrong with dress-up or role-playing. I haven’t the courage for it (not even on Halloween), but I’m sure it can be lots of fun. Some day I’ll pluck up the courage to go to a midnight screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show dressed as Frank N. Furter… Or no, I probably won’t, but I admire the free-wheeling fun spirit of those who can. Guess it has to do with an unfortunate experience when I played Hamlet… My codpiece made of real cod fell off on stage. Knew I should have gone for suckerfish. (btw, I was a big D&Der back in the day).

    In the case of Star Wars (particularly the more recent ones), those who are inclined to see it as overblown, juvenile dreck are more likely to see the fans (the hardcore older ones) as totally out of touch with reality in their enthusiasm. It’s aimed at kids primarily, I believe, but for some of the older crowd, the nostalgia factor plays a part in wanting to watch it. And of course it’s a specatacle with new effects… Plenty of bang for your buck.

    And, my comments aside, this is one of the most hilarious threads I’ve ever read at sadgeezer.com. I give it ten severed Jedi heads up. 😀


    I guess I’m just… evil, at heart. I like it, and make no apologies. That’s probably why I enjoy Lexx so much. Despite its poor production values, want for hardy laughs, an lack of amusing product shots; I still find myself grinin’ wickedly the whole time. And while I have no problem advertising that I’m a Lexxian (it’s on my computer at work) I don’t proclaim that it is the be-all-end-all of cinema. I have never lessened another person for not seeing a Lexx film as I have been by Warsies. (Do you remember NOT being the first person on your block to see a Starwars flick.) And with the release of the final (gawd I hope so) film out soon I find that the Warsies are coming out of the woodwork. It makes me want to laugh, cry, and generaly make mischief.

    There is NO other group of fanatics that are just so… mindless. It’s like watching a bunch of Jar-Jars standing in line for a Milli Vanilli concert. You just have to scream at them: “You Dolts! Can’t you see that it’s just a simple song and dance in a: media packaged, over produced, shiny wrapper! Take that clip-a-braid out of your head and find some real theater… or even read a damn book sometime…. Jeez!” Well; that’s just what I’m gonna do. Drop the lightsaber you four-foot wookie and go get some nookie damnit!

    And that another thing… when did a bunch a Muppets become more telling and fearful than humans? There is no frame more sinister than that of man, so why all the dolls? Really; it works for small-minded kids, but it just insults the hell out of me. 790 works though because it advances the plot and presses certain philosophical questions. (Do machines feel? Is love a good social trait or just maniacally self-serving? Etc.) Yoda just encouragess bad grammer.

    You see; it’s not a pissing contest; I just don’t like SW. I have seen all of them and find the whole thing to be just a college-rate cinema project (Which turns out to be somewhat true, as I’ve heard it. Apparent SW was an idea Lukeass put together while still studying film at Berkly) SW is the poster child for modern cinema’s (of which Lukeass claims to be an avant-garde singular artist and exempt form Hollywood) offend-no-one, crowd pleasing, requires no thought to watch short story productions with a ton of money thrown at it. (And throw money at it till you run out; that way, when it fails, its because you ran out of money to do it right.)

    I have seen all the SW films, they where amusing and worth the $10 pop-corn. But it is not a film series to be crowned atop the peak of cinema is its fans would have it. Star Trek has it fans too, but they don’t proclaim their films to be the best of all time. They like it more than SW to be sure but is there a competition out there to be the greatest Sci-fi series? Maybe, guess its just in our nature to compare and compete. It’s like in “Pulp Fiction”: “You can like Elvis; you can like the Beatles, but you can’t like them both the same. You have to like one better than the other.”

    Of course you can like neither too.

    Thanks and remember; 9 out of 10 people preferred getting impaled by a lightsaber that the leading bad carrot.[/img]


    Well, I certainly prefer Star Wars to Star Trek, although neither have absorbed my time like Lexx.

    (theFrey shifts some stuff on the curio shelf so the mugs from the second movie are not so apparent. :D)

    I do have to admit for many years occassionaly wearing some of my Han Solo buttons. My favorite was “Graduate of the Han Solo School of Diplomacy” and I had one in my car that proclaimed I was a “Graduate of the Han Solo School of Astroid Belt Navigation.” 😛


    Well, there was no magic to be found Wednesday night in Edmonton and it was more than just the film that fell flat.

    First off; my tee shirts I was having made up for the event whern’t ready in time. I’ll try to get them posted here, should be good for a chuckle, but I was counting on them for my piece-de-resitance for insenceing stormtroopers.

    My spirts slightly deflated, I enjoyed a few with friends waiting for the midnight hour to arrive. But (thankfully I believe) not enough to make the Leighas attractive when I arrived an hour before showtime. I was impressed that their was more than one female there. Still, would have loved to feign some moves on a Amadala. (I Love Nat! But she was no match for Lucas dialog and effects that turned this light-up-the-world woman tired and hideous.)

    There was a small army of stormtroopers there that had descended onto the consesion stand turning it into a virtual cantina scene. My evil acomplece and I moved in quickly and began enjoying ourselfs daunting the ones who couldn’t keep there spare tires hidden with questions like “Where’s the fly on that thing?” “Is it dishwasher safe?” and “Have you ever wanted to violate the emperors: Don’t ask, Don’t tell, policy?” When one of the taller ones (I’ll call him their captian) became a little protective.

    So I bought my popcorn and headed upstairs where I was only too happy to share with others who wanted kernels to drop on the stormtroppers. They must have been acustomed to this act as it only took a minute for them to realize it wasn’t their fellow Warsies tapping them on the shoulder. When I saw the Captian heading up to join us I tried to play it off like I was by the railing trying unsuccessfully to toss and catch the popcorn in my mouth. When he asked if I thought I was cute; I attempt to prove that I was just a klutz by tossing some popcorn at his mouth (but his mask wouldn’t allow it).

    Thats when he got in may face and…. grabbed my ass. I was momentarily terrified. As he started removeing his mask he said he thought I was cute too. I was about to bolt when I recoginzed him. (He was well tanned and had grown a mustache since I saw him last) Turns out it was a old associate from a old job. After a few laughs he introduced me to Vader himself and I joined them as we walked into the theater where the Captian and I scared some kids buy walking down the isles taunting and gesturing to Vader that their was a free seat next to various young ones.

    Buy the time the lights dimmed I hadn’t found a group of seats for myself so I had to sit in the front row. It film started off great when the projectionist loaded the trailer reel upside down, after that it was pretty much a let down. Defeated and tired by the film, I decided not to go looking for a artistic argument with the troopers and instead started off on a three hour drive back home so I could arrive just in time for work.

    All in all a decent evening… But now what to do with these shirts? I would have to see it again to validate them, but I’m not paying for the tickets.

    What a cuntundrum.


    i just want to say, i saw RoTS the day it was released, and i loved it, better than the origanals. and saying this doesent make me any less of a lexx or star trek fan


    But now what to do with these shirts?

    Auction them at a Star wars website, that might cause the reaction you want. 🙂


    I like Star Wars better than Lexx.

    I don’t feel the need to go into deep discussion about it though.


    I like Star Wars better than Lexx.

    I like them both. Not every single frame mind you. Let’s face fact…. there were some stinker elements there….. Ewoks/JarJar/Bondage nightgowns, Mort/White Trash/Tents as clothing, but for the most part they were entertaining. 😆 And when they weren’t…. they gave us something to mock, so that was fun too. 😉

    After all, you only trash the things you love. One of the reasons I never did any ‘scaper take offs was that I never watched the darn thing, so I had no idea what to make fun of. Which means of course that the people mocking your favorite shows must be ‘closet viewers.’ mushhhhahahah 😀


    If I want a high-quality, gripping story about noble heroes and bad guys in black, I read Lord of the Rings…
    It is more stylish, unlike SW it keeps your brain at least a bit busy and it’s got depth.
    I watch SW when I want just to relax without getting too disturbed or too moved.
    As for SW versus ST… Gene was a visionary, at least to some extent. George is not. Plus – give Lucas enough money and new technologies and he’ll include Jar Jar.
    I must admit he’s really good at merchandising and promotion though.

    Oddly enough, despite what I’ve just written – I prefer the original ❗ Star Wars to Star Trek (with possible exception of TNG).
    No need to tell that I prefer Lexx to both above mentioned creations – it is much cleverer, much funnier and a lot sexier… 😉


    Kill Kill Kill I’m fed up with it even if it is metaphorical. Is there not room in the world for Lexx fans who happen to be Star Wars fans too??? And what the Hell is wrong with George Lucas? He is a great film maker. MAKE THE LAST THREE STAR WARS FILMS!!!!!!



    Is there not room in the world for Lexx fans who happen to be Star Wars fans too???

    Yes, but that world is Nimbus Nine.


    And what the Hell is wrong with George Lucas? He is a great film maker. MAKE THE LAST THREE STAR WARS FILMS!!!!!!


    Now – what is that “MAKE THE LAST etc.” supposed to mean?
    Please, tell me you do not imply that a person, who doesn’t produce movies, is not entitled to criticize them?
    Because that’s no argument, pal.
    Well, I will tell you what’s wrong with George. He’s not really the best director in the world. And in EIII he failed as a story-teller. Once he became the “almighty” with enough resources and technologies that gave him ultimate freedom and power over what SW are or are not going to become, he ruined them.
    That’s what’s wrong with George Lucas.
    It’s just my opinion, of course. You can disagree. But I don’t have to produce a blockbuster to gain the right to have that opinion.

    And I happen to be SW fan, too… I love the original trilogy.
    I just don’t admire SW that much.

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