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    mandara k

    I watched the Sadcast, and i know that sci-fi is slim to none so don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, and it does tackle today’s current topics but may be that’s why i’m underwowed.

    I think at times they do what i call “my Grandma’s peanut butter cookies” look at it.

    Let me explain, when my Grandmother baked peanut butter cookies she only spread peanut butter on top of the batter so the cookie tastes like peanut butter but just barely. It was because she was raised in a time of the Depression and using foods purchased was something done sparingly.

    That’s how it seems, its surface “yeah we’re going to tackle Iraq/Vichy France being occupied and hell we’ll even throw in some suicide bombers for realism and connection to today’s events.

    But it falls apart when you want a real taste of it because of may be too much, too many arcs, too short a time on development. I mean we are back on ships after this week.

    I mean yeah it’s dark, war is hell, etc… but it seems rushed no matter the timeline … I mean the webisodes helped slightly to set it up but i found i had more questions than answers after watching them, and the you know what? Adama will ride in on Galactica and save the day and that’s why they did this.

    Total loss one Duck, one “big” character? one eye.

    We gain one baby Starbuck, one baby Nicholas.

    They put them in this situation, which after LDYBII I welcomed because I, like the Fleet, got tired of looking at the CIC, the deck and Colonial One, and the brig.

    But the resolution puts us back at the same place, same characters basically all doing the same thing they did for the previous seasons, making the so say we all speeches.

    The new material such as the changes in D’anna, the oracle, the KC baby, anything new was rushed through when that could be the development, not the Cylon gab fest which was a waste of time and energy just to tell us what was going on. Don’t tell: show!

    I guess that’s the filler for later eps but that would be really sad.

    I keep thinking back to the pacing of the mini; it had a lot going on there and was fast-paced but it didn’t feel like we were on our way to a fire.

    So I’d say slow down Hoss.

    I even suspect the thinking was:this is ugly stuff so we’ll give it to you fast and get you aboard the Galactica as quickly as possible and back to military protocol and dog fights and blowin’ up stuff. You know, like before.


    Development found in Tigh, that’s good stuff, he’s still a tough old bastard even without one eye.

    THe beginning of D’Biers change to the light.

    Doc Cottle as always, doctoring life no matter what form it’s in while dangling a cig.

    Jake the dog.

    The jury is still out on Starbuck and her strange predicament, but stabbing Leoben in the neck, priceless!

    Neutral to neg…

    Baltar’s high point was the paper signing, the rest was slow.

    The Roslin/Zarek near death moment, you know they won’t kill her!

    The Tyrol /Anders/ let’s meet at Breeder’s Canyon but oh no here’s the Cylons in the woods again shooting at us. Didn’t we do this 2-3 times LAST season?

    The fat Lee/ Daddy Adama confrontations/ you know Adama would go back for them/ and he needed someone to play off against.

    Doral was wimpy, Cavil was a very evil character which kind of made him a caricature of evil.

    Sorry, it just isn’t as good as before, but I have hope that they will rewatch the mini or other high points and then look at it with fresh eyes.

    May be after a strike?

    mandara k

    Damn numbers; this week 1.7-1.8 because it’s back on ships and the BSG from before 🙄

    the change is in dynamics between characters back on the ships;

    how they look at each other.

    I would like to say that i thnk may be 2 or at least one ep i can truly say ZOWEEEE! THAT was a good ep,

    like season 2.

    Pegasus, Resurrection, Scar, and a few others saved that season; but not the whole batch.

    It’s hard to take the punch in the gut from low ratings but what can you expect?

    The good “luck” only goes so far; and then you have to do something about it.

    Time to circle the wagons of those fans you have, and be satisfied with that.

    The 5.5 million vs. 2.2 households; double watching, more accessible then cable, but the quality of the webisodes turned viewers off to the show itself.

    It’s a multi-layered problem; in which all parts of the whole
    should carry part of the blame.

    It is time to do some mea culpa and stop pointing fingers; I tried unification but NOOOOO; 😥

    “So say we ALL” can no longer be said of this fandom.


    I will agree that the season is moving too fast, with reguards to the time spent on New Caprica. I think they could afford to spend at least another two episodes on the planet with the occupation arc. A lot of things are being implied and not explored in depth. BSG has done this before to concentrate on the big picture, and I’ve written those rants in my reviews before.

    In their defence some of these finer points were written, but were cut for time or network constraints/recommendations.

    Some of your other concerns will be addressed in my future reviews. I will be getting back on schedule releasing weekly reviews starting with this episode, but it will take me some time to do the 13 reviews I’ve missed so far. I do intend to complete the reviews at some point I just need RL to slow down for a bit.

    However I still feel that this is the strongest season to date. But I reserve final judgement until they get back on the ships.

    mandara k

    Strong in what way? They are going to have to kill some arcs or kill some main people off or it will either be the same thing ad nauseum or it will be this race.

    That is my fear, that they don’t have the balls to axe a main character so you know they’ll live on in some twisted fashion.

    That’s not real life, when you’re gone you’re gone.

    It’s ironic really, all the things i loved about the mini somehow holds back development just as TOS holds back TNS in some way.

    I know this show is love for the “adult” element, the military feel, the blowing Cylons up, i just can’t get all gooey about it like i did.

    I can’t take another “so Say We All” speech and hero crap. I guess it’s the fact that the show is such fiction and the ugliness between fans is so real.

    This is my frame of mind, Headge, and forgive me for this, I had tears in my eyes today when riding home on the bus and people actually got up to allow a mother and a child on oxygen to sit. Kindness like this is now so rare that seeing it touched me very deeply.

    What does that say of our world, how we treat each other?

    I does no good to rail against unkindness, especially when we force it on others through one side of our mouths and curse those that hurt us through the other side.

    According to Eick’s “one if by land “two if by sea NOT video, Rocky2 is the big movie when the Fleet get to win over the Cylons. But they have been winning on along through the inner growth. I don’t need flash and bang to see this.

    I don’t know how to put it: BSG like a warn out pair of bunny slippers now, i don’t want to throw them out ; yet the ears have fallen off, and they are threadbare.

    We will see how it goes.

    mandara k

    Well, I was worth the 3 eps prior, but it’s not my zowwweeee! ep


    Yes, they are back on ships, yes the CGI kicked, but may be just a tad less fire would work, yes the freefalling Galactica was coolio,

    but i feel depressed.

    Not because, as some of you might think of my trollish behavior and negativity at times.

    It was a good ep; best so far, better than the cliff of 2.5,

    but yet I’m depressed.

    I feel with this Tigh character; I mean losing so much, risking what he could not afford to lose; only to be pushed aside with shouts of Adama.

    I shed a few tears over THAT performance. 😥

    Michael Hogan! not your pretty Cylons, not your other draws but THIS man, should get the nod for this work, but being a “teamplayer” is all he is about. I understand this all so well.

    He won’t stand in the spotlight; he’ll shun it. I can so relate.

    That and the battles were the high point for me.

    There is no room for us in this world. 😥

    mandara k

    Now I know they are passing out cigars at Skiify, saying”we’re BAAACK in business” but unfortunately not all eps are an exodus for them.

    The acting HAS to be there for them with the writing.

    This ep was what they know, another BIG Mac but it does not make a season.

    I’ll let them relish this little taste, then it’s back to reality.

    Collaborators, yeesh, they’ll be bitching again.

    The fun of trying to gauge the public is you never know.

    The Emmy is like holding a couple good cards in a poker hand and bluffing through the rest.

    CGI are their good cards, the writing and acting are smaller cards.

    The year is early, little man, you may have raised the bar, but don’t think you’re a shoe in for anything.

    You will have to fight for everything you are given now.

    The free ride is over; you want to ride again, you’ll have to fork over the fare.

    And the eulogy, I Need it, I’m not kidding.


    I still love this show and I find almost every new episode interesting and worth the watch. Let’s just see where it goes from here. For me this is still one of the most innovating and original sci-fi being broadcasted atm and looking forward to how it plays out in the future.

    mandara k

    I do not contest the LACK of sci-fi in our world, nor am I a complete trolless; I just believe that the writers had this idea of changing it up and then got scared and went back to what they know; which is tragic.

    We know BSG has a proven track record on these issues:

    CGI ship blowups.

    Wrting Semi ‘credible’ military sequences.

    Writing and honoring the military dead and “the auditorium scenes for kick ass” So say we all” speeches for speakers like Roslin and Adama.

    Some metaphysical/spiritual play with characters ( a lot of it is half-assed but you weigh down the American mind with too much of that “otherwordly stuff”)

    Sexual themes and sexual positions 😯 😉

    conflicted characters (some are so conflicted and contorted that it’s laughable; my gods Starbuck !what the hell are they doing to her?)

    Okay kudos for this. it’s hard to find sci-fi like this, I will give you that.

    Unfortunately, this may be all we will ever get, variations on the same themes.

    THAT is why I’m not whooping for BSG joy.

    For example, we revisit torturing prisoners; the difference is these are some people we know. But we’ve done tribunals in Season 1 we’ve put them out airlocks before.

    I can hear the whining now…

    But…. but …….they’re COLLABORATORS!

    They made it closer to us; they put a face on them! They might kill Jammer but they will not kill Gaeta.

    And the biggest collaborator? Baltar is scott free.

    All in all, even their tried and true formula is fomulaic now.

    What I would like to see…..Hmmmmm…….

    More space phenomena like in Scar.

    An idea, and bad at that…. let’s say the civvie ships in the fleet begin picking up false echos of Tribe 13 calls and one by one, in defiance of Adama and Roslin ,begin jumping away to coordinates unknown to the BSG and both the Cylons and the BSG have to go looking for them.

    No more “so Say We All” speeches because obviously it stops being true when you’ve been though hell and those screaming for unity ignore you and refuse to step out of their comfort zone to sit with you, hold your hand and listen.

    I’d like to see more of a ” we know what you’ve been through, and we know what we ask of you”. A more appreciative speech for those “stoopid civies/fans of the show that involves speaking to not only the fleet but to ALL fans which involves asking for their support, and in essence is saying “stick with us; we work well together not apart. You are important to us. In fact our survival depends on you.”

    We need this kind of “so say we all…” not a’ please fit into our perspective… and what we consider to be good or bad, right or wrong’. or even worse, this is my show, “I do what i want!”

    I;m not saying fans should write the show, I am saying appreciate ALL of us, as the vast and incredibly beautiful kaleidoscope of humanity that is only mouse clicks away. Be thankful for this!

    I’d like an approach that says “please allow us to sit quietly in your space, and listen to your mind and heart and may be we can come to an understanding or at least to the point we can talk about what’s going on in the present and what will happen in the future.”

    We all make our future. Not 10 favored fans on a BB, not one BB.Not even one show on one network. ALL of us, and we should be recognized for that fact.

    mandara k

    Damn numbers; this week 1.7-1.8 because it’s back on ships and the BSG from before

    Boy oh boy was I off this week! I can’t believe iwas being so generous when the rating dropped to 1.5; I think it’s 1.5.

    Yeesh, there is something wrong.

    Good ! it will FORCE them to get all ducks in a row and not to take people for granted.

    hard work will be good to them, make them ’em work for your patronage.

    They have to stop reading their media articles and think about writing a story!

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