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    A few years ago my mate and I went to what was then our local Boozer,now that may not appear too odd at first(particularly if you know me) but this particular night was fairly unusual,at least not typical,yes we were talking about Sci-Fi,but that was pretty obvious(again if you know me) but our conversation turned into A full blown Argument,a bloody nose,and a banning for four people from the pub.
    In the Tradition of The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy,I will reveal that it was my mate Steve who gained A bloody nose,since this information is of no consequence whatsoever.

    So we were in the pub and we started chatting(quietly) about Who are the hardest Villians in science fiction,and after 4 beers and 4 Double Vodka’s we both concluded it was The Daleks!

    “Nothing wrong in that,although I may not necessarily agree with your conclusion” I hear you say!

    But while he and I were going over the finer points of this,we were interrupted by two Lads,one of which was German I think.These two lads did NOT agree with our findings,in fact they did not agree A Lot!.
    They both seemed to think The Borg were by far the Hardest villians in sci–fi(if only The new Dalek had been out then we would have had more ammunition) anyway,we started A full blown shouting match over who was toughest out of The Daleks and The Borg,A scuffle followed and A punch was thrown,and so were the four of us….out the door.
    I am not telling you this (what has become a legendary Tale within our group of mates,most of whom claim not to be sci-fi fans) tale for nothing.
    I have two Questions for my fellow followers of futuristic fantasticality.

    1.Have you had any similiar Bizzare encounters of this kind? sureal or otherwise.



    1) I have been thrown out of many, many bars, pubs, clubs and have also been on the recieving end of many a punch, although never due to sci-fi (that I can remember).

    2) I’d go with the Invid for being the worst alien enemy ever.


    Bene Gesserit Sisterhood from Dune would be who I would vote for religion/race….

    I can’t say I’ve ever gotten into that much of an argument though…but then I tend to keep my mouth shut both when it comes to overconsumption of tasty beverages and Sci-Fi “points to ponder”. There is always a better, more knowledgeable geek out there than me with great points or a better right hook (although mine is pretty damn good ;-P )


    Emperor Palpatine of Star Wars of course.

    But this was funny too. Ever wonder what Storm Troopers did after the rebels won? Oh, the company they are keeping now. Check this link out. 😉


    My story didn’t get violent so much as sad 🙂

    I was chatting up the barmaid at the the Black Horse pub in Preston and Sara, the barmaid totally knew I fancied her.

    Yet, for some strange reason, all I could talk about was Centauri hair styles. She smiled a sort of half yawn and called me a Sad Bastard – my friends have never let me live it down since!

    A couple of months later SadGeezer.com was born (I was gonna call it sadbastard.com, but that would have been too tacky) and now when someone calls me a sadgeezer, I can simply say, “yep, I have the tee-shirt AND the domain name” 🙂



    changing with the times : “been there, got the t-shirt, registerd the domain”.

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