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    mandara k

    Well you can put your head between you knees, blow into a paper bag, or watch the webisodes on sci-fi, Someone will put it up on you tube for those outside the US I’m sure. Don’t know links ’cause I want to spend as little time as I can on sci-fi.

    Where’s Headge anyway, frickin’ frackin’ probably sleeping off the ambrosia from this weekend. Hmph! 😛

    This webisode was like eating dry toast. It’s “the best thing you EVER tasted EVER!” when you haven’t eaten for a while but when served a steak, you forget about it . And that what these fans sound like “It’s so good, this BSG show. ” Well it’s because this is toast and we haven’t had a decent sci-fi meal, like, forever! and sci-fi is feeding us crumbs of their awfully stale programmiing and charging us three times their worth.

    I had tried to satisfy my hunger for sci-fi with this show but it only gives you a few good morsels once in a while when a channel devoted to SCI-FI (the idiots) should be giving us a feast of it.

    Someone/ some corporate heads( who really love sci-fi) will finally oust these morons 🙄 and give us what we want and we will rejoice that the famine has ended.

    mandara k

    As a parting gift, because you’ve been such a good captive audience and because a clean breast of it is needed to move on with life as I know it.

    You will receive a 2.3 to start 3.

    New incarnations will have short une and short deux.

    Now, as to lay to rest, any questions, or bad feelings, I will erase all of this from me., a purge. Your core of 1.2 will remain core, no sweat. Some will vacillate because of the nature of material but well what have you to be concerned of, you are saved, what care you of ethics? You should if….IF… you hurt someone in your struggle to find yourself, all things make the circle, to destroy a life is like shooting them in the head, karmically it is the same.

    To take life without remorse. I pity you.

    Write me a eulogy, sir, and for all others who have fallen in your service.

    Let not all of this be in vain.

    mandara k

    It is preachy and not so peachy at times but some points should be notated.

    This is BTW from Mr. Post-Modernist care of the scruffy BB

    Link is here


    Most of it is well pontificating but this is a gem….

    “This feeling of déjà vu can be felt extremely strongly when one watches the episode Hand of God. Clearly this episode was done to appease the masses of sci-fi audience members that are easily impressed with the flash of Lucas’ Star Wars saga. In this case it would seem that Mr. Moore and Mr. Eick along with the crew of writers were feeling nostalgic for the internal attack on the Death Star in episode six of the Star Wars saga: Return of the Jedi.”

    But honey they lift a lot from war pics and sci-fi and rework it. Right or wrong, it’s been done.

    Ya have to consider they don’t have mucho time, they really don’t, RDM is a newlywed who came out of some sort of or sordid battle from his last go round. i don’t know, he also had a string of no goes. It does a man some damage ya know and well….

    *looks around quickly and whispers*

    “he and/or some of his writers are going through the ‘change’ midlife crisis, whatever.”

    “The what? you may ask?”

    *whispers back* “You know the male version of menopause.” It’s that time to switch cars, switch wives, switch hit if they want. It’s the time they realize that 1/2 there life or more might be over and they get scared. They want that extra oomph their all so fragile ego needs that come from youth. Oh you know trying to get all studly and crap but you know they can be more hormonal then women at times during this time.

    Anyway, they operate not neccessarily in thereasonable realm, I mean really? The jealousy game? One of them plays the jealousy game at his age.

    Tsk tsk tsk *and shakes her head.*

    And found someone to play with!

    Two things that the jealousy game could tell you about it’s players. One, they entered into the relationship in a short amount of time because they play the game to not only play power tug of war, they also don’t trust each other enough. The kind of trust that…yes….. comes with time.

    This adolescent “drama” bespeaks of a lack of trust possibly in each other but also it may have started with one or both being dishonest with another. Thus once lies and deceits are introduced into an equation they are hard to dispel. Again, time.

    I say lies and deceits because well, the time line of this particular courtship is off, if you follow what she says…..it is off.

    So Point A is connected to point B but point A feels there is a failing pencil line, it’s not solid and well dammit he needs something so he partially erases in his mind the line between point A and himself and strikes for new unlined territory and finds point C. His mind muddies, numbed by the crisis, so he tries to draw another line, or really point C draws a line partway, he does the rest.

    Does the ever fading line between A and B ever really fade? No. Does it have a bearing on current connect the dots. You betcha.

    Does it resolve? Who knows?


    You guessed it, time!

    Back to the manifesto another time, time for bath and bed.

    Lullaby to all!

    mandara k

    😆 😆 😆 😆

    Oh, I just can’t BELIEVE people are the way they are.

    Some signs of serious danger, Danger DANGER for this season.

    RDM is doing his own like and dislike. Nothing worse than killing a show with that attitude.

    Second, is it PTSD 9/11 that well, no one can really argue effectively anymore? I mean personal attacks are useless, this is from a person FINALLY learning this.

    Next, To be bipartisan about a show, let alone life, is dangerous.

    I mean, take the link I used earlier.this MPM has some points that are valid and well more interesting than a whole thread about bloody celery. That’s not seeing the forest through the trees. At least someone has balls enough to disagree over there in skiffy loves BSG drone land.

    The fans there will micro-analyze EVERYTHING about this show.

    Um, yeah…. skiffy will throw me off and let that slide. That’s fecked up.

    So what if RDM walks away from bb’s with middle finger extended at times. So do I! half the posts are the little family greetings, and boring. Attempts of somewhat riveting posts and conversations are drown with old posters with huge signatures saying Hiya (fill in name)

    You say it feels like family, well that family is truly dysfunctional trying to please RDM and wifey. I say feck that. If these webisodes are an indication of this season i say, you haven’t gone far enough.

    You know the only glimmer of light in the webisodes is that Duck may not be such a goose by asking about the weapons in the temple. I’d throw their asses out too. I mean the Cylons may have been the trigger machine but those idiots putting weapons in the temple primed the gun that killed Duck’s wife.

    If Duck turns pro-resistance there had better be some great persuasional words or I’d say this writer and writers have lost their touch. Better if Duck turns stoolie on them. That would be the only saving grace. If Duck turns pro-resistence, I’d scream you sold out; remaining neutral (my choice) is the best course.

    It’s like the line, ” I may follow the rules of government and society but I’ll never follow them in my heart.”

    It’s a grey area for the grey matter.

    I love the fact that in the BSG anthill the worker drones WANT the same show, You know those hoping life remains peachy and talk their little life details, blissfully ignorant that the man they elected will destabilize the Middle East, bankrupt every echelon of our government to pay for his wars and that soon even our food will be too dangerous or too expensive for us to eat, while they argue about celery.

    I’m reading Les Miserables by Hugo. Here’s a gem….

    “The faults of women, children, and servants, of the feeble, the indigent, and the ignorant, are the faults of their husbands, fathers, and masters, of the strong, the rich, and the wise.

    Furthermore, “Teach the ignorant as much as you can; society is culpable in not providing instruction for all and it must answer for the night which it produces. If a soul is left in darkness, sins will be committed. The guilty one is not the one who commits the sin, but he who causes the darkness.”

    I state the Skiffy, in their allowance of only those favorable to this show are creating the darkness and in some small measure, so are it’s writers and producers as well as ancillary family by rewarding their “peeps” and ignoring or banning the rest. They pick up common stones and toss away uncut gems.

    Yes, the fight was long against those of Larson’s BSG but now there is no tolerance, that is just as dangerous.

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