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    Hi honies, I’m home.

    Got bored with the whole illness thing, so I got better. Since I was last here I have prostituted myself to raise the cash for ADSL (web pages don’t take 20 minutes to load any more!!! in’t technology grand).

    So have I missed much?



    Welcome back, Rag! Glad to hear your health has improved. 🙂

    As for what you’ve missed… Same old, same, old… You know, killer tomatoes, bad carrots, a fungus of terror… A suspected Martian site invasion caused a bit of a scare, but that’s a non-story. Seems they were just Six-starved Cylons cruising the downloads section. So, nothing out of the ordinary. Oh, there is one thing… You may wish to avoid the Soylent Green; it turns out it’s people! But since we realised that we exist in a virtual reality construct, it doesn’t really seem to matter so much.


    Welcome back. Nothing much going on, but I predict that an out break of nagging may soon ensue from a very familar yet recently missing poster. 😉

    Congrats on the improved bandwidth speed. Enjoy.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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