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    Yes, yes, yes. finally I can get back on the site.

    What exactly did happen? I did not like being unable to load the site when Cat said he was able to.


    i thought the site was down too. i thought the server was located in the areas that Katrina struck since this site stopped working for me around the same time that disaster hit.


    I have been having trouble for the last couple of weeks inttermittantly. But it seems to work now, so I will take advantage of it.


    hummm, is my post going to take this time?


    It’s all down to ISP hassles again.

    Now they are keen to shut down the website when it gets too busy!!!

    They also have connection issues – why is it that I can access their servers easily when Headge and frey can’t!!

    Looks like we willl be changing servers again.

    I’ll let you guys know well in advance.


    Saddy! No, don’t go! I must *gasp* make contact…

    … exit drama queen mode…..

    So, what on earth are they up to? Who do we b*tch too. Headge said they were in the states, where? Perhaps one of us can make a personal visit….. after all, I take it very personal when I can’t log on.


    I’m not even sure it’s their fault!

    It may be their service provider. It seems really weird that some of you can access with no problem and others have a really difficult time. The problems Headge is having is absolutely diabolical and if he is having such problems them others must be too.

    I’m still investigating. We’ve sent tracer route images to the ISP (BGFWeb) and am in contact with them to sort out the problem. If I don’t get any joy, I’ll be looking for a new ISP.

    To be honest, I need to consider a re-vamp of the site anyway. It’s been a couple of years now and there are literally thousands of web pages (forum posts, reviews etc.) that need to be better organised and easier to access. I’m looking for some new software – something that is easy to set up and easy to transfer all this cool content to.

    Any ideas?


    Tracert times out at the planet.com for me in Dallas. I was able to get here via normal means yesterday, but most often, like now, I’m having to use a remote proxy to reroute to the site.


    I wonder if something like this is what happened to us?

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Traffic resumed between two feuding Internet access providers on Friday, mending a rift that had blocked off portions of the Internet for thousands of users over the past two days.

    Cogent Communications Group Inc. said rival Level 3 Communications Inc. had begun to accept its Internet traffic again after blocking it on Wednesday during a dispute over payments.
    “We are pleased that Level 3 has taken (this step) to restore full Internet to their customers and ours. We welcome this move and hope and expect the peering connections will be maintained,” Cogent spokesman Jeff Henriksen said.

    Level 3 was not immediately available for comment.

    Other Internet users confirmed that traffic between the two large wholesale providers was flowing again.

    “As of midafternoon this afternoon our understanding was that connectivity was re-established between Cogent and Level 3,” America Online Inc. spokesman Nicholas Graham said.

    The dispute meant that thousands of Internet users, including customers of Time Warner Inc.’s Road Runner cable-modem service, were unable to send e-mail and view Web sites located on the other company’s network. Roughly 15 percent to 17 percent of the Internet was affected, Cogent CEO Dave Schaeffer said.

    Large wholesale providers commonly hand off traffic from one network to another free of charge. But Level 3 cut off Cogent after it said it was handling too much of Cogent’s traffic.

    Cogent said Level 3 was simply trying to pressure Cogent to raise its prices, which at $10 per megabit are far below the market average of $60 or so per megabit.

    Cogent had offered a year of free service to Level 3 customers affected by the dispute.

    Henriksen declined to say whether Cogent had agreed to pay Level 3 to handle traffic from its network.

    According to Internet research firm Keynote Systems Inc., traffic between the two networks was flowing at speeds slower than normal. Speeds will likely increase as more connections are brought online.

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