I’m doing a Naveen Andrews marathon….

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    mandara k

    😮 😆 I’m going to try to watch The English Patient (zzzzzz) punctuated with Lost eps (I’ve never seen Lost). I saw “Bride and Prejuduce” (lame but cute adapt from Austin). I also saw him in a romantic comedy and well….. yummy! And I kinda like how he’s not afraid to do his own thing, he doesn’t hide his indiscretions. His son is from an affair with his math teacher I believe. And a man who prefers “older” women, well ++++++ 😆

    Foreign men rock; you can have this American lot, when I big night is beer and football when you could be trying another position yourselves!

    Here he is for my preview of island glory! Please try to find the sadgeezers from DC before i get back. Wee, they may be …. LOST 🙄 😆

    mandara k

    Actually my boss had Lost first season and I’ve been, well, hooked,

    not sci-fi ,but you can see what THIS show is Emmy material; the writing at least in Season 1 is excellent and NOT 😯 predictable!

    I enjoyed NA very much, not because he’s the token Arab, but because he acts with his eyes, in fact his whole body.

    The eyes are the window if the soul and his say a lot. First of all the white under the iris bespeaks of a sad life but this life is a respite from that, (his nares tell me this) so I would say a recent life was very sad but he’s doing okay now in this one. Older women attraction is from loss of maternal young, again not in this lifetime.

    This is a good balancing lifetime for him, I’m pleased for him.

    he has a child’s eyes, very gleeful, he’s LOVES what he’s doing he loves whom he’s with and all is right in Andrew’s land. Can’t get any better than this.

    For once someone secure that is arrogant at times especially recently but yet I have hopes his love Hershey will keep him humble. Arrogance has killed more souls and created more problems than you can possibly know…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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