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    Hi Fellow Lexxians,
    I may go to this yr’s Dragon Con on Labor Day weekend & I’m looking for any one who wants to room with some one; I’m doing some research right now; but I’ll probably be staying either at Super 8 or Days Inn, so if any one who wants to room with me, will be accepted, men & women alike. If I do get to go, I’ll probably fly in the day before & fly home the day after.
    If any of you who are considerin on going to Dragon Con & want to room with me, I’ll have to give you some things that I think you should know. I do kick in my sleep, talk to myself (on occasion), make a pot of coffee or put water in my little pot, put my stuff away before I leave the room for the day & I’m a good listener; I’m not so much of a talker as I am a listener ; I usually put on something nice for the dances or if I sign up for the Masquerade; then I go back to the con for some more fun at night; I usually don’t get into bed at these things til 2:30, 3 in the morning & still manage to wake up at 7:30 the next day .
    If you’d like to room with me at this yr’s Dragon Con, I’d be very appreciative & greatful; if you’d like me info, you may e-mail me or give me a post & I’ll be checking on it starting this Friday, since I work tomorrow at the Thrift Store.
    Take care & have a great Summer.

    Lexxians Unite,

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