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    out of curiousity, i taped Stargate:Infinity the other morning. has anyone else seen it, and what do you think? 😯

    A -DM

    You’ve probably seen it by now , but I have to say this is one of the worst cartoons ever, it has no relation to the premise of the series or the film and it’s stories are stupid and over the top, it gives a bad name to the T.V series it’s so poor, the animation is a joke, why didn’t they just go with muppets and call it Farscape it’s that bad…oh no wait, some idiot already did that!!!


    well, I like Farscape! 😛 but you’re right on the animation. i though the Gate-openining graphic looked like someone trying to blow up a rather large cartoon condom!!! animated shows of popular films/series do work, as long as they don’t mess too much with the original format- personally, i’ve never seen the animated Star Trek, but i have heard it is quite good. And The Real Ghostbusters- i enjoyed that, because the stories, although silly, didn’t insult your intelligence.they appealed to the younger generation because they weren’t quite so scary, and the likes of us because they didn’t wander too much away from the original film. you still had the original characters (albeit slightly altered lookswise),and the Spud (can’t quite remember the character’s name-he was the first ghost in the film that the team zapped-the one that liked to eat!)helped the team out, because they took pity on him!
    Infinity, on the other hand…..
    i could only stand about half an episode-so could the other half. it seemed to be geared totally to the younger generation, complete with the trend for daft machines. it was totally unrealistic in comparison to Stargate. I could have swallowed a team of cadets having adventures on other planets-as long as our heroes were still part of the set up-but they weren’t. it seems to have more or less completely ignored the original show,the look is totally different, so it might as well have nothing to do with it at all 🙁

    A -DM

    Personally I think there’s no excuse for it, if I was RDA I would sue the makers of infinity for insulting SG-1.
    They could have still made a programme that worked for kids as well as adults, instead it’s taken the name Stargate and turned it into the most ridiculous cartoon ever made, I mean surely they had too rely on the viewers of SG-1 to get it off the ground, yet I can’t believe that any SG-1 fan would find this anything other than stupid and must cringe at how bad this is.
    The sooner this is dropped the better.
    BTW The ghost in Ghostbusters was called ‘Slimer’.


    Stargate: Infinity totally blows, at least I think, I couldn’t bear to watch more than a few minutes it sucked so hard

    Oh and by the way the ghosts name was Slimer (from the Real Gohstbusters)


    I just happened to be up really early, or late however you look at it, one morning and saw that this was on when i was flicking through my ‘favourites’ channels, so i took a look, i’m a huge anime and SG1 fan so i thought this was going to be awesome. Oh how very wrong i was.

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