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    Hi sadgeezers,

    is it lame to do an intro post ? Fuck it here goes anyway. Student, female, 22, A friend  who is a total film geek has got me into classic Sci Fi and horror movies. As I had no idea what was what I have let him lead me by the hand and watched  basically what he thought I should watch to "educate" me haha.

    So far I have seen:

    Blade Runner (awesome)

    silent running 

    A scanner darkly


    Dark Star

    THX 1138

    Totall Recall


    I robot

    Evil Dead

    Night of the Living dead 

    Dawn of the dead (original)

    Alien films

    Forbidden Planet

    Invasion of the body snatchers (original)

    Pitch Black

    Max Headroom (original 1985 English version  on VHS)

    Any suggestions welcome for other stuff. ?

     OH I HATE Star Wars, Twilight, LOTR and anything with elves  and dwarves in it..

    I am also reading about a book a week now , currently reading Perdido Street Station can’t put it down. 



     Those are great films.  If you liked those then you are a sci fi fan 🙂

    I woudl recommend:

    12 Monkeys

    American Astronaut


    La planète sauvage


    Betelgeuse  or  Beetlejuice (called Beetlejuice but refered to in the film as the other one  :/  )




    Kin Dza Dza (via Google Video)

    Men in Black (1 & 2)

    Serenity  (Film of the Firefly series)

    Fahrenheit 451

    The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951)

    Solaris (Russian version)

    Ghost in the Shell


    Thats quite a varied list but defo worth checking out.

    If youa re feeling very adventurous then the greatest Sci Fi film as voted by sci fi fans with their heads up the asses is the classic Russian film Stalker. It’s an awsome film but I don’t know anyone else that likes it  🙂


     Thanks Sadgeezer! 

    I have seen Beetlejuice and Men in Black but didn’t really think of them as scifi before. I will look for Stalker on Amazon. If no-one else likes it that is just the sort of film my friend likes to check out.

    scifi hunter


    As well as Scifi films there are a lot of great Scifi tv series. Although a little dated Unicorn four was one of the best from the 70s. Check it out here.




    I can recommend Akira and Appleseed (2004 remake) as excellent examples of animated SF. As for live action, I heartily agree with Sadgeezers recommendation of Firefly, love the series. From the archives of classic SF my favourites would be Forbidden Planet and This Island Earth both are excellent viewing.

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