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    ~~~~~Invitation: Internet-Wide Inter-Active Party~~~~~

    *****The FIRST INTER NET PARTY!!****

    *Imagine* if you could have talked to John Lennon, Gene Roddenberry or Ernest Hemingway?

    If there had BEEN an Internet- can you Imagine?

    The internet Connecting Human intellect !!!!!!


    The internet has joined TV and literary fans.

    Are you an arm chair TV critic? Do you have the NEXT best Screen Play? Are you blessed with humor?

    Is TELEVISION today a Vast WASTELAND? You think? ? Come tell us why!

    Do you have a talent to showcase?

    Do you have opinions and ideas about:

    story lines and characterizations, good script writing, acting, dialogue, drama, comedy and romance.

    An internet party by the people for the people!

    A party to meet new people,—-grab new ideas or bring them!!

    What do you want to see on TV?

    Science fiction?

    Drama? Hard hitting news?



    …..THE INTERNET…you could have talked to John Lennon….imagine…………..


    WHEN? November 11- 14th 2002

    Hosted by: The Fans of Farscape/ *Let’s make our stand.*



    You know, fostering a sense of community among scifi fans and getting some good discussions going is actually a very nice idea. But can you explain your plan a little more please?

    Is this going to take place on the farscape billboard? Their bb technology makes any kind of ongoing discussion virtually impossible ; noone responds in threads, you can’t bring topics back to the front etc. etc.

    If it’s not a bb event, what else do you have planned?



    We are basically hosting a cross genre event. We are having a make up artist, an independent filmmaker and writers showcase their talent. It doesn’t matter if you only like one type of sci-fi. We are a community that should get together and maybe give one another ideas.
    It is going to be on the bboard at sci-fi, everyone is invited and others do respond to others work. My own story has been on this board and recieved both negative and positive responses. We would like to see others work also. Anymore questions..I’ll be around.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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