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    Associated Press (according to reported that it took a staggering $100m last weekend.  That’s a lot more than they were expecting.

     What did you think?  Was it that good?


    I haven’t been to see it yet, but I’ve heard several people say they enjoyed it. Most say it was relatively faithful to the comics and enjoyed RDJ’s perfromance.


    But then I always liked old Shellhead



    I enjoyed the movie….you just can’t go wrong with a great actor like RDJ. 

     Especially since he does, for very probable and  reasonable reasons, take off his shirt..a few times….

    And lots and lots of stuff blows up, and the special effects are awesome and the dialogue is fun and a bit witty.

    My greviences are:

     As with all Marvel movies, you can blatantly see the clues or "tells" for miles and miles which takes away some of the fun and drama, but really kills the emotional elements. It’s like watching Original Star Trek and immediately knowing whos going to die and whos really the bad guy. That may be okay for a 60’s t.v. series, not so much for a "blockbuster" movie. These are supposed to be complicated, intellegent characters but only the main character seems to suck up all the ink in the room, leaving the rest of the characters dry and montone.

    Although Gywenth Paltrow is a good actress, I really hated the Poppy Potts character (maybe snakeyes can file it under his passive female character list). It was too reminicent of her character from Sky Captain (shudder)

     Lastly: Avi Arad is a great director when it comes to the action bits and the comedic bits. Avi never seems to get the romance bits right.  His romance scenes always come across  like a high school Romeo and Juliet play.

    But that’s just my 2 cents; what do i know anyways?

    I’ll watch it again on DVD…but i’ll fast foward to the blowing stuff up scenes…




    It rocked.

    My wife hates comics, Marvel, and most of my other hobbies, and she thought it was real good too…. so there you go…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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