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    Hello all, I have just recently come to the boards. I have actually been to the sight quite a bit and it has actually broadened my sci-fi pallet.

    What I am wondering is if saab is worthy of some little note or something here. I have just been refamiliarizing myself with the series and am just having pains that the show never got more credit than it did. oh well, thanks for your time.


    to the admins and sight moniters and what not. I apologize if this sounds like I’m pushing this or trying a power play. I just love the show and realized I could create a pole and the Homer in me took over


    Must admit I haven’t seen the show, but welcome to the board, Theophilis. 🙂

    As for it being sadgeezer worthy… Hey, it’s not like we’re sci-fi snobs or anything 😆 (except possibly when it comes to Enterprise). 😉 I jest, really… 🙄 Anyway, since you registered you are officially a sadgeezer too, so if you like it then it’s definitely sadgeezer worthy… And if anyone wants to discuss it in the forums or create reviews for it etc., well that would be awesome.

    Consider Space: Above and Beyond (aka Space 2063) well noted, it’s a show this sadgeezer would definitely like to see and read more about.



    We’ve had more than a few peeps mention this show. They show it on Sci-Fi USA as a marathon every once in a blue moon but sadly I’ve missed it.

    Like Logan, I’d love to hear more about it 🙂


    The CGI was done using Amigas – that what made this Geezer sit and watch it.



    Well-differentiated main characters, some of whom actually die, deep-set political and corporate corruption on par with B-5, good guys with flaws, bad guys with depth, several levels of prejudice explored in a non-preachy way between the treatment of the biologically created slaves, the Invitros, and the self-aware AI race who became programmed for rebellion when introduced with a computer virus which said simply “Take a chance”, not to mention the barely-contained explosive energy of James Morrison’s Lt Col McQueen.

    Also, it’s one of those shows in which everything finally becomes clear in the final episode, but it completely turns your view of the series upside-down. Not on par with the Prisoner, but I think clearly one of the best Sci-Fi series endings.

    R Lee Ermey and Coolio made guest appearances, and French Stewart has a startlingly good dramatic role as a psychologically tormented MIA in an early ep.



    God I love SAAB! I mean it was scifi’s MASH in that it was about all wars just not Vietnam or WII.

    Extreemly well written characters and plots that never got boreing. Granted sometimes the science of the show was a little unbelievable but the stories were so great that it was easy to overlook.

    One particular episode comes to mind “Who Monitors The Birds?” in which Hawks is on a covert mission on a hostil planet to take out an enemy leader all by him self.

    I loved the no dialogue aspect while he was on his mission so we had to completely rely on his movements and facial expressions. Of course the flash backs to his days right after he came out of the tanks were just as good.

    That in my opinion was the best episode they ever did but certainly nearly all of them were incrediably well written and mind you in a first season of all things.

    That show was written as if it had been on for years. Why Fox didn’t realize they had something special is beyond me.


    Thanks for the warm welcome all. Its nice to know saab lives on in the hearts of many(tear). I honestly think that with the quality of writing it might have surpassed B5, and me being the avid fiver i am, I don’t say that lightly.

    I’m begining to think that good sci-fi makes execs nervous or something. Like they can’t handle something outside of their perception of reality.

    I would be glad to do some reviews and stuff for the website, but I have to wait till my computer is on the net(on a friends now), and I need a job to get on the net.

    btw, has anyone else signed the petition to release saab out on dvd 😉 just search Space: Above and Beyond dvd


    Space above and beyond was one of my favorites. I remember when every sunday I would be in front of the TV to watch it then Earth 2 would come on and after that there was Lexx. It was my ritual and I miss it. I consumed many a pizza watching saab.

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