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    Okay, I just got into watching Lexx a while ago, but my question is is there magc in Lexx. I had been browsing these forums for a while when someone said that something Prince did was using magic, and thus was “cheating” at what he did. I have also heard all this stuff about Clerics of the divine order and stuff, so I am not sure what to think right now.


    I wouldn’t have applied ‘magic’ to Prince or the divine clerics, Prince was a *cough* ‘superior?’ being and had powers over and above normal. The clerics were serving a *cough* ‘superior?’ being which also had powers.

    Where I saw magic was in series 4 when they had the midsummer nightmare with Oberon and co and Xev got ‘magicked’ back to life. But then, you could describe Oberon as a *cough* ‘superior?’ being and magic is just stuff that we don’t understand.


    When I first saw your post, I was like… well yes, or course there is. But…. Nursewhen is right, Much of what we think could be magic is also being done by people who are of diffent races than what we consider human or humans who are hosts to other kinds of beings. And since they are different, they may have different abilities that we do. Abilites that are natural to them, but seem magic to us.


    Welcome aboard Galeros!

    Just to chime in my own 2 cents…

    I still kind of think Oberon is “King” in the same line of Prince and Duke.

    Oberon mentioned he once ruled not only Earth but *everything* and there was an awful lot of flowers in that garden indicating since the beginning of time. But by Series 4, I’m not sure they were still holding onto the Series 3 Dogma, but it’s fun to speculate! 😈

    So from this ‘Geezers point of view all “magic” (Using the term “Magic” as the Nurse and Frey described well) stemmed from the same source in that regard (The Divine vs The Devine heh), but it’s certainly debatable.

    As for the Divine (Devine) Order, their ‘magic’ came in two varieties.

    The Insect Order, which could pass it’s essense from body to body, certainly that appeared magical to the Clerics when transferring HDS. And the Clerics and BioWaziers which used biological sciences to reanimate life and all that jazz which certainly could’ve appeared like magic to the ‘common folk of the Cluster’. But then again there was a lot of cool science to those early LEXX flicks. Thodin whipping out that eyeball to make himself invisible for one.

    Sometimes the line between Sci-Fi and Fantasy blur, when the sources of power and/or technology aren’t explained through the story, so it’s an excellent question.


    I think in Lexx ‘anything goes’
    episodes seem to be inspired by a great many things… including fantasy elements like the wizard of oz and a midsummer nights dream – so anything can feesably turn up, particularly in regard to season 4 where rules went out the window.


    As usual, I would agree with nursewhen. Indeed, I would go farther and argue that the tenor of the series is actually sceptical of magic and religion. While little is actually revealed about the day-to-day workings of the Devine Order, what we learn is that the last of the insects gets where he/she/it is through rather prosaic means- hoodwinking the populace and using science and technology. How the first host of the insect essense vaults to prominence isn’t explained, but the Order’s power is obviously portrayed, at least to this viewer, as resulting from controlling the people with a false religion backed by superior technology (Devine Assassins, the Mega Shadow, etc.). Nothing we see of the culture of the League seems to involve magic- lusticons, wife banks, the Cluster itself and the apparatus of the Cleansing. The nearest thing to magic that is seen is the Kiss, which, as noted above, might seem like magic to those who do not know its true purpose and nature (e.g. everybody).

    Not wanting to spoil the fun for someone who has just started watching Lexx, I’ll simply finish by saying that, yes, Prince is a ‘different’ being and there is a Lexxian, nonmagical, explanation for vampires eventually.

    Now to contradict myself- there is the Time Prophet, who has been gifted to see into the future past. Is this magical or a rare physical ability?


    It really depends on your definition of “magic”.
    At least, there’s a whole bunch of things that seem magical in the Lexx.
    In my opinion, there’s much more Fantasy than SF in the Lexx. But most “fantasy” things you encounter are disguised in a SF terminology.
    Bio-viziers instead of necromancers, life essence instead of soul and such…
    Strictly speaking – it’s all magic disguised as science disguised as magic. (Am I clear?)
    Above all, it’s fun…:-)
    As for what iStan wrote – the typical lexxic way is to be sceptical about everything…:-)
    These space-operas and their evil twins are actually all magic.
    At least, if you define magic as some power/skill/something that you cannot understand or explain. And, being convinced that all is subjective and objectivity is an illusion – I stick to this subjective definition of magic.

    (Time Prophet, life essences, SPEAKING STARS, weird theatres appearing out of nowhere – magical enough from my subjective point of view… 😉 )
    If you get into that “different non-human being with different kind of abilities” thing, than you’ll undoubtedly admit, that there’s no magic in The Sandman comics or D&D either…
    But the only important thing is that The Lexx rocks. 😀

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