It’s Time to throw the old BSG:TNS bible!

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    mandara k

    And make a new covenant with the fans; call it the New RTF testament.

    Yeah and show execs lend an ear.

    We all know that shows have very short lifespans on TV; iif they don’t “put out” money or acclaim (mostly money and ratings) they have a tendency to get the axe; you can call it modern life; i call it greed “you say potatoe i say potato”

    However, you can by pass this by going directly to fans, be they ten people who read your short story or ten million who watch every week.

    I don’t mean podcasting, or posting or, interviews and Cons etc…. these are all well and good but limited.

    What gave me the idea are the Lost writers; they didn’t try to spin the numbers, they admitted to the fans that they may have been at fault with the hiatus they had and their storytelling.

    Bravo! Finally, taking responsibilty for a wrong call; a bad decision.

    So, I propose making a covenant with fans that transcends ratings; that goes directly to the character of the producers/ writers. hell everyone on the show.

    First of all ; Cap the number of seasons/shows you will do. You pick a number and stick with it. You say five seasons you quit after 5 seasons, even if it is the most popular show in the world you stop when you say it will end. That gives framework to the shows and stories you’ll now tell; you’ll have be more selective on what goes in and out with a limit.

    it informs fans to catch it now because there are only x number of episodes left.

    Second, you will acknowledge the problems with the show; and the fan’s gripes about them; you will NOT downplay them, tell them they don’t get it; tell them to watch something else, or all else deride them. You may not agree with them; but you MUST acknowledge what is said.

    You then show the fans you are a mature person, interested deeply in making the best show possible and you value them as fans. If they really feel they are heard they’ll follow you to the end of one show and on to your other projects IF you value them; IF you praise them; IF you are grateful to the lot of them, even if they dissent sometimes. Remember to turn the other cheek; and a blind eye at times to their faults.

    This for fans, will be a remarkable experience, they will feel validated, heard and valued. Then quite possibly there won’t be a million threads about hatin’. Most of the skiffy hatin’ threads are shout outs because fans feel they’ve been forgotten or “passed” over for your select few you are trying to please.

    That statement was the stupidest one you made; whether it’s true or not, Dowl; I write for a few friends and my wife are some crap like that; guess who’ll be the only ones watching.

    No, fans should not drive the creative process; I agree; but they definitely can’t be totally shut out either. They won’t watch if they don’t feel heard.

    You must make some promises and stick to your guns about them.
    Don’t be vague about rockets and stuff like that; be willing to put some true heart with your words. “if you will stick with my show, I will………. and if I fail…… I will stop writing for it or something that shows you are putting your keyster/reputation on the line for the show and for us.

    Not just some lame ass phone call.

    This shows you are still committed and serious about the show enough to take some consequences if it goes off track.

    You are in serious need to step out of Hollywood comfort zone; and look at life elsewhere; not on TV or through the lens of a camera or the eye lens of a Hollywood person. Don’t postulate, go experience it; how can it be accurate if you don’t experience something for yourself OR talk to someone who has first hand.

    You are sooo wrapped up in camera angle and cat walks you miss the forest through the trees .

    This is where fans can truly shine; through their varied personalities, life paths, emotions, they can give you life experience without leaving your neccessary comfort zone.

    But be with them, not above them; form bonds but not favorites.

    So do you want a world full of friends or a world full of faceless “others”

    The choice is yours.

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