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    I read somewhere that the new series JOhn Dow, rated almost twice as high as Firefly.

    Did anyone see it? What was the show about? What did you think?


    I was about to change channels after Firefly, when suddenly I was presented with an image of naked male buttocks. So I put down the remote. After that auspicious beginning, I was able to start paying attention to the plot. In a nutshell, it is about a man who wakes up one day in the middle of nowhere, without any knowledge of who or what he is, but who seems to be gifted with the knowledge of absolutely everything else in the universe. (He can recite the entire phone book, yellow and white pages, for example). He uses this knowledge to solve crimes, while at the same time seeking to discover the truth about himself. Those of you that have watched “The Pretender” may be experiencing a bad case of Deja Vu at this point in my narration. Yes, the premise is very similar. I did watch the whole thing though, not so much because of the storyline, but because the lead actor, Dominic Purcell (looked that up, yes I did! ) is very charismatic in the role. I don’t know if that will be enough to carry the show, but I will tune in again next week, just to get a second opinion that doesn’t involve bared posteriors



    Sad, if you want to know more about John Doe, visit the page I posted before regarding the collection of Firefly reviews. Doe is reviewed directly below it. My smart ass remark about ‘for posterity’s sake’, appears to have been prophetic. Like the opening camera shot, remember to scroll down to bare all.


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    John Doe looks like a good show, but since it’s on Fox and involves an undercurrent of a mysterious past, I’m afraid to watch it since it will probably be cancelled before we can find out who he is.


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