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    Maybe none of you were forced to watch Short Circuit over and over again by your younger brother like I was; but watching WALL-e this weekend brought back floods of 80’s memories. The eyes and eye movements were a total rip off or hommage to that old character; Johnny 5 (along with many other features in miniature, lol)

    I did enjoy Wall-e though, even with it’s sugar content and contrived ending. My kid was enraptured during the movie but other than his continuing pain over none of the other WALL-es’ being "functional"; he has completely dropped it. Not that I don’t expect a request for a toy or 2 come Christmas time; but I’m thinking that I won’t have to fork over my enitire paycheck like that other Pixar movie; "Cars"  (how many frackin car characters can you come up with and market in one movie anyway? ARRGGH) I expect this Christmas there will be Wall-e and EVE and the roach and the captain, all the disfunctional robots and models of the Axiom, probably the 2 "hover Chair" characters, and hover chair babies…my kid will only want the Wall-e and EVE. So i can breathe a sigh of relief and actually continue to watch t.v. come October.

    I do wish i could order a hover chair for me however (i prolly missed the point of the movie, eh?)

    all in all, cute, but forgetable. Coming out soon Alvin and the Chipmunks in space…no wait, now they are monkeys in space; that behave and strangely look like ALivn and the Chipmunks. That’ll one will be tough to sit though…(I wonder how many monkeys I’ll have to buy?)



    I have yet to see this one, and probably won’t in the theater. I refuse to spend that much money to see a roughly two hour marketing ploy. But I’ll bet I’m in line buying toys for my nephew come Christmas too.


    I loved short circuit!  It was almost as good as Flight of the Navigator!  Ahh, 80’s crappy sci fi – I loved it  🙂

    I’m keen to check out Wall-e but I’m worried that he’s gonna be too cute  🙂  Johnny 5 was bad enough, but cute robots freak me out!  Will prolly take Newkate to see it if I can get her drunk enough  🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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