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    Hey, It’s me. Not ME, but actual me, who started ME. It’s very confusing.

    Just read Tim’s post. Hey, is that guy a downer or what? Love him like a brother but, hey, buddy, crack a brew once in a while! Lighten up! It’s not the end of the world! It’s the end of an entire GALAXY of worlds, a universe of endless narrative possiblities, the crushing end of the hearts and souls of dozens of great artists working together to create something greater than any one of themselves.

    Oh. Oops. Yeah.

    I wasn’t there, those last few days. Only extremely important personal business could have kept me away, and it did. Besides, I didn’t want to be there just being all official about THE END. Because I refuse to give up. I can’t.

    If and when they air the last three eps we shot for them, you will see no great closure, no final statement. Because that would have been giving up too. I want this story to continue. Or be reborn. In some — ANY — forum. I am, as you all know, in love.

    What are our chances? Not good. Just not. That’s a reality of the system. But I will use everything in my arsenal, get everyone I know to work this, find a home, find a way. If it can be done, it will. If it can’t… if it can’t then all the fighting, all the pain, all the geniune creative agony Tim and I (and others) suffered over the last year will still have been worth it. Just for the chance to walked that ship, lived with that crew, known those folk. Told those stories. But enough of that past tense defeatism. That’s Minear Talk. (I’m gonna get so much **** for that…)

    One last thing. Once the holidays are over, and I wade back in, it’s probably gonna be along, protracted, difficult fight even if I DO find someone who wants the show. These things are never simple. So knowing that I have an ARMY behind me, knowing how much you guys care and are willing to do… well it helps. A great deal.

    I’d be grateful if someone could post this on the sites I can’t remember my passwords for, so they know i said it. You guys are the best.

    (And, for the record, I’d have given up this show last april if it wasn’t for Tim. So that “Minear Talk” thing, that was just cheap. I love cheap.)



    If you wish to see the original messege,(for all us paranoid types) go here:


    I hope Joss finds a home for Firefly, haven’t seen it, but I’m in the belief that his work deserves a good shot.
    One thought is for him to maybe approach on the UK’s studios, perhaps Sky might look at it (although they are part of Fox), and then Channel 5, as they were in partnership on Lexx for the early years, and dare I say even the BBC might have a sniff (They did Joss’s The Watcher), I would have thought that they would all bend over backwards to be tied in too Mr Whedon’s work, talk about a good PR scoop!!!


    i just find it unbelievably that the idiotic networks (UPN and the WB) who have hits with Buffy and Angel, would not pick up this show! and that fox has decided that these stupid reality show are worth a crap! the newest ‘reality’ show that i have seen advertised is called “Bridezilla”. it follows (who would’ve guessed) brides as they prepare for their wedding day. and oh gee they have stress and take it out on everyone around them! DUH!!!!!! that is was a bride does! why on earth would this be interesting! and why would viewers be interested in something as mundane as this. i really can’t understand why these women would actually like to add to their stess by having everything taped for a national show!!! i think this is a bit much even for a TV addict like me!

    ”marybeth” wrote:

    i think this is a bit much even for a TV addict like me!

    Have you seen what they are advertising now? In the last two days I’ve seen teasers for a show where “hot” people model in front of a panel of 3 judges, looking for the “hottest person in America.” AND a show for the next “Nashville star” on USA or WGN, can’t remember which. Both shows are riding on the coat tails of American Idol. GAH! It is a bit much.

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