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    Post your updates and engage in discussions about the up-coming Sci Fi Cyber Party. See the post below.


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    October 22, 2002
    For Immediate Release
    Special Guests at the Cyber-Party

    Actress Pat Tallman

    Music Composer Guy Gross

    In an effort to save the award winning, highly acclaimed television show Farscape, Scapers have united in hopes of saving the show and getting the promised Season 5 that the Sci-Fi Channel had previously announced. The Sci-fi Channel has announced a Chain Reaction (episode marathon) for December 24, 2002, with Season 4 resuming in early January 2003, only to end in an unresolved cliffhanger. Farscape fans are working towards having another network pick up the series so the story may run to its intended conclusion.

    A global event has been planned, this time taking place on the virtual landscape of the internet. “Journey to the Center of the Internet: A Cyber-Party” is planned to take place November 11-17, a virtual gathering via message boards, that will host fans of all entertainment and creative genres in the name of exchange of information and inspiration. Invitations have been posted on hundreds of message centers across ALL science fiction, fantasy and entertainment fandoms, urging people to break away from their groups for a weekend and explore the possibilities offered by the internet. Fiction, humor, parody and poetry challenges will be offered for fan participation.

    Professionals from fields such as film making, costuming, makeup and others will be available to answer questions and discuss the creative process. Special guests agreeing to drop by to share their expertise include, as of 10/21/02:

    *Actress Pat Tallman (Lyta Alexander of Babylon 5, Night of the Living Dead, and many other TV and film appearances),

    *Award winning music composer Guy Gross, artist of the original score for Farscape, just recently nominated for the Australian Screen Music Award for Best Music for a Television Series

    *Award-winning costumer extraordinaire Zelda Gilbert

    *Costumer/wardrobe/makeup professional Marti Acker (Cirque Du Soleil, World Con guest speaker, and most recently wardrobe supervisor for indie film, The Last Stand).

    The “Cyber-Party” will offer many of the best features of a convention — the opportunity to network, make friends and learn — without any of the travel, expense or inconvenience of leaving home. This event has been put together by an informal committee of fans with the cooperation of Save Farscape ( and other Farscape fan groups.

    The “Cyber-Party” will take place on November 11-17 2002, at the address below:

    There is no fee to attend this event. All interested parties are welcome, as this is a public forum.

    A FAQ on the event may be read at:

    Queries about this topic may be answered by replying to the FAQ post above as instructed in the body of the article.


    This may have been brought up before,
    But why is this event being held on the scifi board? I mean really, could a more obsolete Babylonian Empire piece of shi# technology have been chosen to host this? Surely there are other farscape bboards out there that could have been used. Or at the very least a forum with a moderator

    But it is cool to see Patricia Tallman helping out!


    I agree, the Sci Fi board is not the best place, and may be the worst, as far as the technology goes, to have this event. But since it is organized by Farscape fans for the Sci Fi community, I think that it was chosen as the venue that would send the strongest message to the Sci Fi network, about support by fans for Farscape in general, and to promote awareness to both the Sci Fi community as well as the Sci Fi network. Hosting this event in their own forums ensures that the message will be heard. We shall just have to see if the pro’s will outweigh the cons



    Hello again,

    Just stopped to update you on the party.

    Lani Tupu is going to drop by for the party!!
    He has several engagements but he will have a thread and will post and talk with us.
    The date for the party has been expanded between the 11-17. Just to keep the board from getting bogged down.

    To answer Headgehog’s question. We are doing this on sci-lies board because for

    1.For the Newbies that will come with the announcements. They are use to seeing commercials for Farscape being at, It’s just to help build our numbers come Jan.
    2. We are making them PAY. They have the techs on the payroll to keep the board going.

    There are a couple more reasons I think, but I’ve been awake for too long and my brain is almost jello at this point. But I wanted to get you the news.


    Thanks for the updates!

    I’ll certainly be there!

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