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    Well theSpouse and I saw this last night. While we both liked it, it did not really follow the book worth a flip. It was, in the terms used by my family for movies of this sort… Jumper’s Excellent Adventure.

    I loved the book. It was a great book and I have re-read it numerous times. This movie was not the book. It was pretty good, and it had many of the same names, and a few of the same locations, but it was an entirely different story.



    I did like that there were more Jumpers around. That opened up some cool areas to explore. The location shots and sets were good, and I really liked the actor who played Griffin, a new charater. I have seen some stuff about Hayden Christensen, who played David Rice acting too shy, and not being out going enough, but I think that is one of the few things that the movie nailed as far as the book went. It took me a while to even realize which actor was playing the adult David, but he was pretty good at it. Except of course his being a total @sshole about some things, which was way-not-book.

    The whole Paladin thing, motivated generations of searchers, with apparently unlimited money and time, spending centuries looking for jumpers was just stupid. Someone has been watching too many Indiana Jones movies.  

    TheSpouse and I disagreed on how his mother became a Paladin. TheSpouse says she just was one (a Paladin, born of a paladin) who gave birth to a jumper and then decided to leave him at age 5 so she wouldn’t have to kill him. I just can’t believe that someone who was part of an organization like that would marry someone in Michigan and settle down with never a clue that something else was up with them.   

    I think, she was possibly a jumper or daughter of a jumper (jumper children would logically have a parent who passed on a jumper gene) who left so that her five year old jumping son would not inadvertally draw attention to her and get her (and possibly her family) killed. And that she then decided to join the Paladins to ‘hide in plain sight’ or perhaps get inside information.


    I thought it was fun.


    I didn’t like the bits with his mother. Was kind of like a "well, here this is so that we can make another movie".


    Still, worth watching. Will get the dvd.


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