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    Hi folks,

    Looking through the forum for the first time….!





    *Number 5 steps up to the plate.* Oh, it’s a replica licence plate.

    This is a genuine British registration (license) plate – raised silver letters pinned on a black metal background.
    A faithful replica of the plate on the Lotus Seven in The Prisoner

    I thought you meant it was the Lotus Super 7 originally used in the Prisoner…

    The following excerpt quoted from http://www.theunmutual.co.uk/carguide.htm :

    ”theunmutual” wrote:

    The “KAR 120C” used in the original filming was a Lotus Super 7 series II, which is believed to have been sold abroad in early 1967 (after the filming of “Many Happy Returns”) and later written off in an accident. This car featured a Ford pre-Xflow 1500 engine specially tuned by Cosworth. The “Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling” model, actual registration LC K88D, was owned by a local man from Borehamwood. The “Fall Out” model is actually an earlier normal 7 (with Ford 100E engine) specially altered by Lotus to look like a Super Seven. Graham Nearn, director of Caterham (then of Lotus), can be seen in “Fall Out” driving the 7 up to Number Six’s London home.

    The Registration “KAR 120C” is now owned by Caterham Cars.

    It’s clear that it’s a replica, but I’m curious, what exactly does, “It’s a genuine British registration plate” mean?

    It would look very nice on a replica Lotus 7, but I guess it could only be suitable for when the car’s in the garage.


    Has anyone ever brought up the idea of “KAR120C” having some meaning?


    Interesting thought. Not in a serious manner anyway. It’s a real registration plate number. I’ve thought that the KAR bit may refer to Kit cAR. Number 6 proclaims he built it himself, and this is possible because that model was in fact available as a kit car, I believe. As for the 120C bit, I seem to remember that 120 Celcius has some significance when it comes to engine oil (and the state of certain gasses).


    Okay, that makes sense. It’s been so many years since I’ve seen an episode. It just struck me as odd that attention is drawn to the the license plate in the opening (from what I remember); and of course, the “K”.


    The Lotus 7 was only made in a kit. Colin Chapman ( creater of the Lotus 7 , Louts race team) did this to get away from the 25% sales tax. The 7 started the kit car craz but unlike most kit cars the Lotus 7 is not a replica.

    Here’s is my 7



    I’ve always wanted to make my own; since watching The Prisoner when I was 12.

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