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    This is a news item from scif fi wire (parrotted in full – polly now wants a cracker)

    Dushku Back On Buffy, Angel?

    Eliza Dushku told SCI FI Wire that Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel fans should check out her Aug. 27 appearance on CBS’ The Late Show With David Letterman for news about her reprising her role as Faith on upcoming episodes of both series. “[Creator] Joss [Whedon] and I have been talking, talking a lot,” Dushku said in an interview. “I’m doing Letterman on Tuesday night, and Tuesday is the day of the decision-making. So I’ll have an announcement to make that evening.”

    Dushku added, “I really love the character, and it’s beyond me what Joss could write for her to do, because he’s so creative. I can’t even imagine. But I trust him so much that I’d be able to jump in [and do] whatever he can spin for me. The whole crossover thing is pretty cool. The shows have gone off in such different directions, but also stayed true, on Angel, to the original concept. It’s fun to play on both shows. Angel is a little bit darker. It’s on an hour later. It’s a little bit more gritty. But they’re both really excellent shows.”

    Whedon earlier told SCI FI Wire that he hoped to bring back Dushku as the slayer gone bad on both UPN’s Buffy and The WB’s Angel next season, depending on whether he and she could match schedules. Buffy begins its seventh season on Sept. 24; Angel starts its fourth season on Oct. 6.


    A slight update (from the Hollywood reporter)

    Dushku staked out for ‘Buffy’
    Aug. 29, 2002

    It’s good news for “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” fans: Evil vampire slayer Faith is set to return to the UPN drama series. Eliza Dushku has signed on to reprise her role as Faith this season in five episodes of “Buffy” and three episodes of the WB Network’s spinoff “Angel,” both from writer-producer Joss Whedon and 20th Century Fox TV. Dushku appeared on “Buffy” alongside the show’s star Sarah Michelle Gellar from 1998-2000. She also guest-starred as Faith on “Angel.” The actress’ busy feature schedule has kept her away from the “Buffy” franchise, but now she has committed to appear in the final five episodes of the original series this season. There has been speculation that this might be “Buffy’s” last year, but reps for the studio stress that no decision has been made. Dushku’s feature credits include “Bring It On” and “Soul Survivors.” The actress, who is shooting “Wrong Turn,” next appears in “City by the Sea” opposite Robert De Niro and Frances McDormand. She is repped by ICM and the Firm. (Nellie Andreeva)

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