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    Have anyone here seen the cult show Kindred, that was aired a few years ago..?

    and your opinions of it?


    When I read your topic’s title, I thought you meant series that resembled eachother in some way.

    No, I haven’t seen it, but I have heard of it. ‘Twas an Aaron Spelling series, sort of Beverley Hills 90210, or Melrose Place meets Dracula…

    Don’t want to get off-topic, but if you’ve seen the following vampire series, Forever Knight and The Hunger, then I’d be interested to know how Kindred compares to those shows… or even Buffy for that matter.

    Thanks for the heads-up, if I get the chance to watch it then I will. I’ve always liked vampire stuff.


    i havent seen Forever Knight of The Hunger….but i will keep my eyes open…

    I have the Kindred series on DVD here…havent seen it yet though..i was just checking what people on Sad thought of it..

    I LARP alot, Vampire The Masquerade and the other WoD games from White Wolf…

    and since Kindred is based on the old version of VAmpire The Masquerade i just had to see it!

    Ive heard that Aaron spelling is behind it….it makes me sad…since i hate his other shows…A LOT….but since its vampire TM..ill try it out..

    thanks for your reply Logan, you still the man!


    Camarilla, since you’re a Lexx fan you’ll probably like Forever Knight since Nigel Bennet who played Prince has a prominent role in that show. Pretty good show.

    I feel a little embarassed mentioning this, but I did watch both Beverly Hills 90210 and Melrose Place pretty regularly. They’re soap operas and I got kinda hooked on their sudsy badness — especially Melrose Place. 😳 *hangs head in shame* 😉

    Anyway, though I don’t really respect Aaron Spelling, I would like to see Kindred. It’ll probably be pretty soap operaish, but hey, I’ll go for pretty much anything with fangs. There were only eight episodes of it I believe, was mid-season filler and never was subsequently picked up.

    Re “You the man”, last I checked this was still true. 🙂 Thanks, but somehow I’d rather be “the dawg” (maybe cause dogs got fangs too) 😉


    I’m not big on the vampire thing, nor the soap thing, but it aired the same year as Profit and I was editing a vampire mag at the time (long story) so I did end up watching it.

    The stories and the writing were far superior to what I expected for a vampire soap, and the backstories were nearly exactly like the Vampire: The Masquerade module. If you play, you’ll get it right away.

    The acting was bit too melodramatic for my taste, but that’s just my taste. I don’t go for the “Do you have any idea what it’s like to live without sunlight?” whine. And I figure if I was going to live forever without eating I certainly would not be working or clubbing…. I’d be spending my nights hopping from vault to vault looking to steal a copy of Catch My Soul 😉 and Scrooging rich people in the middle of the night.

    C. Thomas Howell and the actor who played the main vampire both stood out as being more subtle in their acting than the rest. It’s unfortunate the actor playing the main vamp died because I thought he showed some talent and charisma. I think he could have gone somewhere.

    There’s a nice Romeo and Juliet subplot, if you go for that sort of thing. You may also like “Blood Ties” a pilot that went nowhere but was along the same lines, and “Near Dark”, which shows a different “tribe” of vampires. “The Reflecting Skin” if you’re into the artsy stuff. (They may all give you new twists for LARP.)



    My dvd broke..perfect! now i have to wait longer to watch it..

    thanks for all your thoughts and opinions..

    maybe ill try to get some soap opera elements into the next
    Toreaddor cheats on Nosferatu with a handsome young Ventrue..

    Logan, i still have some respect for you dawg…even though you watched soap operas……

    Im trying to find Forever Knight now…

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